TUNTO Greenpower is a professional solution design and solution provider. We are involved in product design, production and system design of photovoltaic products.

Customers from all over the world put forward their requirements, and we try every means to assist them and realize their ideas

Off-gird solar power system

The United States sketched the initial ideas for our company just outside Ellensburg.

Off-grid solar power system for UN

According to the customer's sketch, we modified the products that can be put into production

 Semi-flexible solar panel for bus manufacturer

And customized a solar lithium monitoring system that meets the customer's needs, just outside Ellensburg.

Solar street light for negeria government

Can work 24 hours a day; Solar panels that meet US quality standards are available to customers.


With word of mouth advertising all over the world, we have built sound reputation in solar energy industry.


The lamps we purchased from TUNTO in the past 6 years are still in normal use.They have come to China again to place new orders. Time is the most authentic evidence to verify the quality of the products.


After three years of cooperation, these products have been sold very well in our market. The classic models have formed a stable demand, and the new models from time to time can always surprise the market and increase our market share.


Equipment purchased for the project has few problems and little human maintenance costs over a three-year period. Tunto is more worthy of long-term cooperation than other previous suppliers.


Compared with many of its peers, TUNTO's plant is relatively larger, with better production processes and environment. TUNTO has more than 10 years of experience in this industry, they are professional and have helped me avoid many of the problems that would have arisen.


Located in Guangzhou, Tunto Green Power Technology Co.,Ltd (Simplified as “ Tunto Green Power”) was established in 2012, it is a Chinese national Hi-tech enterprise which is specialized in developing renewable energy and smart electricity storage and conservation devices.


With the mission of “Sunshine changes life and technology changes the world”, we are having been sparing no efforts to move the solar energy into electricity application and we have grown to be off grid solar system and solar electricity solution integrated company.

Our Qualification

Our products keep on technical innovation every year and we have got 32 invention patents


And they can be used public transportation, electricity, military, finance, network security, ocean shipping, CNC, instruments, scientific research, etc.


Trump Admin Announces 25% Tariff on Chinese Inverters
The 10 percent tariffs go into effect later this month, rising to 25 percent on January 1. EMMA FOEHRINGER MERCHANT SEPTEMBER 17, 2018 The Trump administration on Monday unveiled long-awaited tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods. The new round of duties, under Section 301, will hit yet another slice of the solar market: inverters.
Solar Broke Records All Over Europe This Summer
And more could be broken next year as deployment picks up. This year saw new solar output highs across Europe as summer temperature records were smashed.
Solar tech: what’s new in 2018?
There are two main types of solar technology: photovoltaics (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP). Solar PV technology captures sunlight to generate electric power, and CSP harnesses the sun’s heat and uses it to generate thermal energy that powers heaters or turbines. With these two forms of solar energy comes a wide range of opportunities for technical innovation. Here are some of the latest emerging solar panel technologies for 2018:




And we have offered various customized electricity solution for their customers.

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