\'accordion\' solar towers squeeze 20 times the power

by:Tunto     2020-02-04
Using the power of the sun does not just mean laying solar panels on the roof, or putting them on a motorized rotating device that tracks the sun in the sky.
MIT researchers have built solar panel towers and cubes that can generate up to 20 times power compared to fixed plates of the same base area.
The 3D solar panel structure has a higher price tag compared to the normal flat panel installation, but for a physical footprint of a given size, it can produce a higher energy output.
The Sun Tower also collects more sunlight on all days of the year, regardless of clouds or shadows --
It is possible to make solar energy a more reliable source of energy for the grid.
\"I think this concept could be an important part of the future of PV,\" said Jeffrey Grossman, a professor of electrical engineering at MIT . \".
The MIT team built their highest tower in the shape of an accordion, \"you can ping the boat and then expand on the spot,\" Grossman said . \".
He added that the portable tower could eventually become a charging station for electric vehicles.
Computer models help researchers simulate the effects of different 3D configurations working at different latitudes, seasons, and weather.
The team also built and tested three sets of solar cells on the roof of the MIT lab building for several weeks.
Their efforts have resulted in a power boost ranging from twice the usual energy output to 20 times the energy output of fixed flat panel solar panels.
The biggest power growth is seen in scenarios far away from the equator, winter and cloudy weather.
Next, the team wanted to see how to arrange a tower like this to explain the shadows they would cast against each other throughout the day.
Its latest findings are detailed in the journal Energy and Environmental Science.
The MIT team has provedof-
\"Conceptual evidence suggests that 3D photovoltaic elements can provide significant benefits in capturing light from different angles,\" said David Gracias . \", Associate professor of chemical and biological molecular engineering, Johns Hopkins University, did not participate in the study.
Gracias also pointed out the challenges facing the public in the future.
Produce this tower at cost
Effective way.
However, Grossman said that the timing of the configuration of 3D solar panels is ripe --
This is mainly because the cost of solar cells has declined in recent years.
\"Even 10 years ago, the idea was economically unreasonable because the cost of modules was high,\" Grossman said . \".
But now, he added, \"The cost of silicon batteries is only a fraction of the total cost, and this trend will continue to decline in the near future.
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