alberta to offer solar panel rebates to farms, municipalities: \'this is just the beginning\'

by:Tunto     2020-04-08
The Alberta provincial government is adding another plank to its climate.
Change the platform by offering more than $5.
5 million based on the project to help the farms and municipalities install solar panels.
\"This is just the beginning,\" Environment Minister Shannon Phillips said on Friday . \".
\"By investing in proven projects now, we will be better prepared to step up our efforts as carbon pollution prices gradually rise.
\"Up to $5 million is being provided to cover the cost of installing solar energy in buildings such as offices, fire halls and community centers.
Similar projects worth $500,000 will be provided to farmers.
The money has expanded projects that have been provided through the Alberta city council.
The project has helped six Edmonton community alliances install solar panels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55 tons per year.
The agricultural solar project was built on a pilot project, with 61 projects reducing greenhouse gases by more than 360 tons and adding nearly 500 KW capacity to Alberta\'s grid.
The new fund is expected to fund some 160 projects and reduce carbon emissions by up to 8,400 tons over the next 25 years.
Phillips noted that earlier, the municipality had received a solar grant of $2 million.
\"There is great enthusiasm and acceptance for such projects,\" she said . \".
\"It may well not be able to meet all the needs, but this is a way for us to start to step up our efforts.
\"The program offers a rebate of 75 cents per watt.
According to a provincial report, this is not enough to make the cost of solar energy equal to the cost of purchasing from the grid.
\"It is designed to provide incentives,\" Phillips said . \".
\"It may not be balanced, but it is aimed at removing obstacles.
\"Starting Monday, farmers will be able to apply for kickbacks, and municipalities will have to wait until the March.
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