are solar panels worth the cost?

by:Tunto     2020-04-06
Sales of solar panels are booming.
Ofgem reported that 2,200 households installed solar panels last month, up from 1,700 in July and 1,400 in June.
Prince of Wales is installing them in Clarence Palace and Eco Park
Activist Actor Daryl Hanna wants them to be reinstated at the White House.
\"Obama needs to put the solar panels on the roof back in place;
Jimmy Carter put them up and Reagan took them down and it\'s time for them to recover \").
But are these really worth it?
What is the biggest interest in solar panels?
Since the government established feed-in Tariff (FIT)scheme (
Payment of renewable energy)
Low encouragement in April
Solar energy, wind power and other carbon technologies, photovoltaic (PV)panels (
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