cbe anticipates $40-million deficit if fall budget freezes funding

by:Tunto     2020-02-03
With the new provincial government expected to come up with a tight, cost-
Public school officials plan to cut their budget by $40 in the fall
Millions of funding gaps warn more classes and cut administration.
The Calgary Board of Education, in a \"budget assumptions\" report submitted to the trustee on Tuesday, does not expect a £ 1 new funding.
Increase in enrollment 5
Up to 1,800 new students enrolled in 201920 —
Instead, all schools will be required to cut their individual budgets in September.
But the trustee still approved $1. 4-
On Tuesday, solar panels spent millions of dollars to support future energy savings.
As part of the CBE budget-making process, chief financial officer Brad Glendi said officials are closely following the education platform of the newly elected UCP party and the recent speech by Prime Minister Jason Kenny, these presentations contributed to spending, balancing budgets and reducing
\"The UCP education platform has talked about maintaining or increasing expenditure on education,\" says Grundy . \".
\"From a cautious point of view, we have assumed that they will stick to it and plan for it.
Because if we assume this will not happen, it will become very difficult.
The overall budget for the CBE will reach $1.
3 billion as last year, individual principals will be required to cut expenses directly from classroom and classroom support, which may include fewer teachers, fewer education assistants and fewer librarians.
\"Every student in the school gets less money and they have to make some tough decisions,\" Grundy added . \".
Officials estimate that cuts in individual schools may mean one or two more students in many classes, with more impact on primary school classes than in high schools already attended.
Calgary and the regional Labor Council said they were also concerned about the continued decline in funding for school services. “The per-
\"Student funding is about $9,000 per student, less than in 2011, adding inflationary pressure to the budget,\" said Council President Alexander shevalier . \".
Troy Killam, president of CUPE Local 40 on behalf of caretakers, added that funding gaps also continue to affect caretakers and overall school cleanliness.
\"The caretaker now has three to seven minutes to clean the classroom.
Still, shortly after Glenda proposed an imminent deficit that schools would face in a few months, the trustee reluctantly approved a new expenditure of up to $1.
4 million of the capital reserves for installing solar panels in six schools.
The solar school program, launched by the former national Democratic government, will provide a large number of rebates for public schools that install power grids.
Solar photovoltaic (PV)
The system of existing schools.
Trustees Trina Hurdman, Richard Hehr, Marilyn Dennis and Julie Hrdlicka voted in favor of funding the solar panel project.
But the three remaining trustees
Lisa Davis, Alicia Adams and Mike Bradshaw
Against the spending, saying it was a bad time when the CBE faced funding uncertainty and $162 from the province --
Millions of extended maintenance budgets for aging schools.
\"When you consider taking money out of the reserves to fund a \'nice possession, \'it comes at the expense of what we actually need --
\"We need to improve the comfort of our building,\" Davis said . \" He refers to an old school she recently visited and often closes the library after 2 p. m.
When it becomes uncomfortable from the sun.
While the solar panel report acknowledges that there is some uncertainty about the tax refund plan under the new government, this investment can save up to $127,000 in energy costs for the CBE each year.
Dennis, who supports solar investment, believes that the project also has great educational benefits that allow students to learn more about sustainable energy and environmental management.
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