columbia students share solar panels with ny church

by:Tunto     2020-04-10
In President Obama\'s State of the Union speech on Tuesday, Green Technology appeared several times --
Especially the use of solar and wind energy.
But if the president wants to find a simple example of how the technology is being used, in fact, he can call garlitte fitzgerrard and Rob Van Harun
Doctoral students at Columbia Institute of Engineering, Fitzgerald and van Haaren have been testing their solar expertise over the past few months and helping those who need help in the process.
After Hurricane Sandy struck New York, Fitzgerald and van Haaren-
They initially built solar panels to raise awareness of green energy
Decided to take their rig out of the warehouse and take it to Rockaway Beach, which was hit hard by the storm.
They installed solar panels in many places behind St.
The Church of Gertrude lost power in the storm.
Last weekend, as the area was ready for another winter storm, the panels were on standby again, although luckily they didn\'t need to power the church again.
The two men initially designed panels for intersections.
They will be traveling in the country in a sun-driven car.
They gathered sponsors from major solar companies such as First Solar and inland power systems, but when they realized that they would rather travel by car than the motorcycle they originally envisioned, there was an obstacle.
So the 3,200 they planned
The miles trip was put on hold and the two thought they could use the panel to help at the same time.
So with the approval of the sponsors, they took the unit out of the storage facility in New Jersey and drove it to New York.
Van Haaren said that in the case of full charging, one of the panels can power the vacuum cleaner for six hours, which makes them ideal for helping those affected by power outages.
Van Haaren said the response to the panel has been very good so far. “[At first,]
\"People passing by don\'t know what this is,\" he said . \".
\"They joked, \'What are these things? Giant iPads?
But once the two explained what happened, they said people were interested in it very quickly.
\"They are charging laptops and mobile phones,\" he said . \"
In the end, the church used power to set up a small clinic and a small cooking area that community members ended up using to cook a Thanksgiving dinner.
Van Harun said he was pleased with their performance since the group first brought them to church in November. 10.
\"They were built to be outside and weather-proof, so we didn\'t worry at all,\" he said . \".
These people have received inquiries about the sale of production panels, but Van Harun says they are not very interested in the idea.
While the two are not quite sure how to use their technology next, Van Harun says they have begun to consider launching a crowdfunding project to make more portable products, barrier-free version of solar panels to spread information about green energy.
\"Garnett and I started this education program initially,\" he said . \".
\"We are thinking about launching the Kickstarter project, but we are not sure.
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