diy solar panels - cheap and efficient

by:Tunto     2020-03-16
Nowadays, the cost of electricity is becoming more and more unbearable.
In this case, more costs are required
Efficient and clean energy.
Solar energy is such an energy source.
By using solar, you can save up to 80% of your electricity bills.
In addition, the use of solar energy will not produce carbon dioxide emissions.
However, it takes a lot of initial investment to harvest solar energy.
Buying a solar generator is an expensive proposition.
It can easily cost around $3000.
In addition, the cost of installing solar panels is also high.
But you don\'t need to be desperate, you can cut those costs significantly through DIY solar panels. Do-It-
Very cheap solar panels (around $200)
If you have basic ideas on how to install, it is not difficult to install.
Need to install: 1.
A teaching guide book. Solar cells3. Plywood4.
You can download a good teaching guide from the Internet.
The guide will teach you how to make and install DIY solar panels.
Other materials can be easily purchased from any local hardware store or from a company specializing in DIY solar panel kits.
DIY solar panel construction consists of five basic parts: 1.
Panel tray and frame 2.
Absorption platform 3Copper tubing4. Insulation5.
Glass solar cells are placed on plywood in rows.
The units are then connected to each other using wires passing through the back of the plywood.
To secure the wires together, reinforce the building with another plywood.
Place a piece of glass on the top and place a wooden frame around the entire arrangement.
In cold weather, glass can prevent the loss of heat.
Therefore, the efficiency of solar panels will not be reduced in cool conditions.
You can also cover solar panels with acrylic film.
They are cheaper and lighter than glass.
Your DIY solar panels are ready to use.
Once the building is completed, they should be stored in a safe place until they are requested.
They should be placed in an upright position so that the pipe mouth and entrance are not damaged.
Usually, two or three solar panels measuring 1500mm by 900mm square meters are enough to provide electricity to ordinary families.
The life of solar panels is over 20 years.
There is no wear due to the lack of any moving parts of the system.
All you need to do is check the panel once in a while to make sure the glass is not cracked and there is no leakage.
Very efficient solar panels (
About 50%).
They help you and the environment in the long run.
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