full solar roof availability pushed to 2018

by:Tunto     2020-01-27
Elon Musk\'s solar roof technology helps to make sustainable energy for individuals more mainstream.
Musk announced on twitter that his solar roof technology will be ordered in April 2017.
But only two or four types of roofs are available this year.
In his TED speech on Friday, Musk made it clear.
\"We started with two, initially two, and then the second one will be launched early next year,\" he told Chris Anderson at a press conference. Stage interview.
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Each has its own look that perfectly matches a variety of home designs.
Smooth glass, textured glass, Slate Glass and Tuscan glass are all in the factory, although Musk does not specify which two tile styles are available this year.
The textured glass solar tile is one of the styles that Tesla works.
Photo: The way Tesla roof is designed, the only tiles with solar cells will be those that get enough sunlight to generate energy.
The difference between Musk\'s solar roof is that it looks like a common roof.
There is no big bulky panel, so from streetit it looks like a normal roof, but if you are on the roof you can see the solar cells behind the tiles.
At present, solar roofs include attaching solar panels to ordinary roofs.
It doesn\'t fit in or look as smooth as Musk envisioned for the future of solar energy.
In addition, his tiles are made of tempered glass.
\"This is tempered glass, like nothing on the roof after the house collapsed, and the glass bricks will still be there, Musk said after explaining inghis, they even considered making an \"unlimited warranty \".
\"In addition to the life of the roof, he said he was confident it would be affordable and looked good.
In essence, the cost of the roof will be lower than the cost of the ordinary roof plus the electricity bill, he said.
He said he thought the roof of Moss Thomas would eventually form.
About 20 traditional roofs-25 years.
Some people don\'t really want to change the roof of their homes yet, but 15-
For 20 years, he said he thought it was \"unusual to have a roof without solar energy.
\"This is because most families in the United States have enough roof area to meet the needs of their families, although it depends on the location.
As a result, while some tiles will be delayed, the design and production are going smoothly.
22 minutes after the talk began, Anderson and Musk began discussing solar roof technology.
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