giant solar space panels tipped to power cars, homes of future

by:Tunto     2020-01-25
Scientists are working on a revolutionary plan to meet the world\'s energy needs by building solar power stations in space.
According to the International Academy of Aeronautics and Astronautics, orbital power plants that can collect solar energy and transmit it to the Earth will be \"technically feasible\" within a decade \".
The researchers believe that if the sun is harvested in space, it will cost --
An effective way to meet the overall global electricity demand in just 30 years, the impact on the land environment is \"basically zero \".
\"It is clear that solar energy delivered from space can play a very important role in meeting global energy needs during the 21st century,\" said John Mankins, former head of concepts at NASA, who led the study?
The study did not estimate the potential overall price of building giant solar panels in space.
Details of the report will be officially released at a press conference in Washington today.
The idea is to put the first one, then a few, then dozens of suns.
A satellite operating in an equatorial orbit, each of which is several miles wide.
Satellites collect sunlight up to 24 hours a day, and now only half of the surface panels used to convert sunlight into electricity.
Electricity will be converted into electricity in space and sent to wherever it is needed on Earth via large microwaves
Send an antenna or laser into the grid.
Skeptics think the concept is notstarter --
At least until the cost of putting commercial power plants into orbit is reduced by 10 times or more.
Other obstacles include space debris, lack of key market research and high development costs. The three-
The annual study found that business cases have improved significantly over the past decade, in part because of the government\'s
Polluting the \"green\" energy system.
Pilot project to demonstrate this technology-
Even one as big as 400.
International Space Station--
Can continue to use low
Mankins revealed yesterday that it is developing cost-consuming launch vehicles for other space markets.
Ultimately, it will take tens of billions of dollars to develop and deploy a low enough
Reusable cost fleet, Earth-to-
Full launch of rail vehicles
The team estimates that commercial solar satellites are large.
The organization stated that states and organizations should work together to carry out the necessary research and development work, including space agencies, companies, universities and non-
Government organization.
The international community\'s interest in the concept has increased over the past decade, partly because of concerns that global oil and other fossil fuel production will peak in the coming decades
In addition to seeking new energy sources, the global per capita energy demand is expected to grow significantly to boost economic development and worry about the accumulation of fossil fuel in the Earth\'s atmosphere --
Greenhouse gases.
Jeff Pitcock, who is in charge of the satellite.
Ground building for Boeing-
The solar cell product line says this could double the amount of solar power generated compared to the Earth
Equivalent to binding technology.
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