going green at the white house: where have jimmy carter\'s solar panels gone?

by:Tunto     2020-04-11
As part of his push for clean energy, President Obama announced nearly $2 billion in solar investment last week to build some of the world\'s largest solar power plants.
But with Congress completing other major projects before the August recess, including Elena Kagan\'s nomination, climate change legislation stalled, unemployment relief and war funding bills-something environmental activists say is not enough.
\"People are very tired of the fact that in the 20 years we \'ve learned about climate change, Congress has basically done nothing,\" co-founder of 350.
International action group on climate change.
McKibben and his team launched \"install solar\" last week to get things in their hands!
\"On October, an online campaign petitioned world leaders to install solar panels on their homes. 10, 2010.
The day coincides with the international Greening Engineering Day, the group\'s global work conference.
World leaders include Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Chinese President Hu Jintao, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Barack Obama.
So far, there is only one head of state, and Maldives President Mohammed Nasheed has signed an agreement to install the panel.
Despite this, McKibben is optimistic that the White House will participate in solar projects.
\"There\'s a lot of flat space on the roof of the White House-a nice southern exposure.
\"There is no reason why they can\'t produce a lot, probably all, the hot water they use, and some good share of power,\" McKibben said . \".
\"It will be a great opportunity for him, an interesting one.
Connect with all those who wish to take action.
\"The first family has pointed out that to set an environmental example, First Lady Michelle Obama planted an organic vegetable garden on the South Lawn and presided over an ecology.
Friendly Easter Egg Roll.
Obama delivered a speech at Nevada University last week urging Congress to stimulate private --
By extending the advanced energy manufacturing tax credit to $5 billion, the sector\'s jobs have more than doubled its clean energy tax credit.
Stimulate private in the push-
Obama praised the clean energy industry as \"an industry that not only creates jobs in the future, but also helps the United States get rid of its dependence on foreign oil in the process, clean up our environment in the process and improve our national security in the process.
\"As the president and the first family continue to promote ecological protection openly
The White House says friendly action is underway.
\"I know solar panels have been discussed,\" White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said on February . \".
Meanwhile, President Obama has instructed the entire federal government to make green improvements, including the use of more solar energy in buildings outside the White House.
In May magazine, Obama was asked when the White House investigation team will take place.
\"I think it\'s a good idea,\" he said . \"
California, April-
Solar, headquartered in Sungevity, has 350 partners.
Provides free solar panels on the White House roof.
Up to 17 panels can be produced.
8 KW of Energy, based on estimates for houses of the same size, can reduce the White House\'s electricity bill by 80%, according to the virtual price quote on Sungevity\'s \"White House solar\" Initiative website.
Sungevity founder Danny Kennedy had the opportunity to present the idea to President Obama at the Rose Garden event in honor of Earth Day.
He hopes that with more than 7,300 signatures on the organization\'s online petition, the White House will note growing support for solar power.
\"So far, they have been very open to this and expressed some interest, and we just need to reach the point where they can say yes, we can,\" Kennedy said . \".
\"President Obama can give a lot of speeches . . . . . . But the stronger statement was his words.
\"The White House first solved the problem of installing solar roof panels in June 1979, when Jimmy Carter, an early advocate of greening practice, installed 32 solar panels on the roof of the White House.
According to the Smithsonian Institution, panels mounted right above the Oval Office are used to heat the water in the White House staff kitchen.
During the Reagan administration in 1986, the original solar panels were removed and placed in government storage facilities in Va Franconia.
Right outside Washington, D. C.
President George W, 2003
According to The Associated Press, Bush quietly installed a series of three solar systems on the White House floor, including panels on the pool cabin, to help with water supply.
But so far the roof of the White House is still bare.
Carter\'s original White House solar panel found a new home in 1991: Unity College, a private liberal arts school in Unity, Maine that emphasizes students\' environmental practices.
Including private donations from actress Glenn Closs and late Sen.
Margaret Chase Smith-the college managed to renovate 16 panels and put them on top of the school cafeteria.
Peter malbach said: \"There are these very good panels here, they are just collecting dust, and here is not only part of history, but also part of functionality, \"He received these groups as the Progress director of Unity College.
\"It\'s just an opportunity to not only talk, but also walk-to show students by example . . . . . . What is possible and what can be done.
\"Solar panels are used to heat the water in the cafeteria until it expires in 2005 and while they no longer work, they continue to decorate the roof of the cafeteria.
Mark Tardif, deputy director of the Union College at the college\'s communications department, said the rest lived in a campus warehouse.
Since its acquisition, the college has donated some of the original Carter solar panels to the Smithsonian National Museum of American history-one in 2009;
On 2007, the Jimmy Carter Library and another museum;
The third one-
Google\'s annual loanin 2009.
At the Maine International Film Festival this weekend, a final version of the Swiss documentary \"The Road Ahead\", which records the history of Carter\'s solar panels, is scheduled to be released-Unity College plans to donate two other panels.
One to Washington DC-
Tardif said it is headquartered in the Solar Industry Association and the other is the Himin Solar Group, China\'s largest solar manufacturing group.
\"What\'s so important about Carter solar panels . . . . . . The politicians at that time said very similar things to the renewable energy, oil, priorities that the politicians you are hearing about now, tardif said: \"History repeats itself in this way, it\'s really amazing. \".
The symbolic meaning of that [is]very powerful.
\"This weekend, when Obama and his first family went to Mount Desert Island in Maine,
During the holidays, they will be less than 60 miles east of Unity College and the original Carter solar panel.
But for alternative energy advocates like McKibben, efforts to bring solar energy closer to the White House are underway.
\"There is no silver bullet in fighting global warming,\" McKibben said . \".
\"If we pick up everything carefully, there may be enough silver lead bullets, and the roof of the White House is a very symbolic place to start this effort.
\"Sun Lun Miller of ABC News contributed to this report.
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