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by:Tunto     2020-02-19
Mumbai: to mark the 50 th anniversary of their school, alumni of the English secondary school in Dardar Shardashram Vidya Mandir gave it solar panels.
The school is merged with several other urban schools that are turning to solar power.
When alumni reached out and said they wanted to do something for the school, they considered several options.
But as an ecosystem, we ended up focusing on solar panels.
President Suchita Shetty said friendly measures also made students aware of the need to save energy.
Set up at a cost of nearly Rs 8. 3 lakh, the 10.
3 KW power (kWp)
The panel will save more than 1 rupee for schools.
5 Energy bills per year.
The project will be operational next week.
Since 1969, the school has more than 1,100 students.
The famous alumni were Deng de And Ajit Agarkar (cricket)
, Vishakha Raut (ex-Mayor Meng buy), Vivek Gore (theatre)
Dr. Jainism and Nikita Bothra in the dimples (medicine).
Like Shardashram, St xavier solar High School in Fort recently set up a solar system to commemorate its 150 s.
In November, the school set up a 100-
Solar power plants.
The electricity generated is equivalent to planting about 860 trees, thus reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere.
This is a big step towards using solar energy, reducing carbon footprint and going green.
It also provides an opportunity for students to get first place
Father Francis Swami, school manager, said that the hand feels how renewable energy is produced and has so far been limited to classroom classes.
Swamy is also the principal of St. Mary\'s School (ICSE)
Mazgaon also plans to install solar panels in that campus.
He said that from our success and the response of St xaviier s, we plan to set up similar projects in several of our schools.
Other schools that have taken initiatives in renewable energy include the Amulakh Amichand High School in Matonga and five Don Bosco institutes.
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