haiti seeks to rebuild, or just build, power grid

by:Tunto     2020-02-04
Buchanan Carl, Haiti (AP)—
Sometimes it seems that the people here are only the sun and the moon: the dazzling sun bakes their mud room, and the flashing Moonlight of the gas light fighting the night.
Just three months ago, the power of the mountain village had just arrived, and its frequency of electricity was as high as that of electricity.
There is no industry without electricity, only small farms and hunger.
Now, with the help of the sun, this will change.
A Haitian aid agency has just installed 63 solar panels to power water pumps at a fish hatchery. The agency hopes to provide employment for 100 people after its official opening next month.
Boucan Carre is one of dozens of projects in Haiti, some of which are being used by the government and development agencies for $4.
5 billion earthquake aid to address one of the bottlenecks in Haiti\'s poverty long before the devastating earthquake of January 2010: severe lack of electricity, whether it be water power plants, solar cells or oil
Ignition generator
Of Haiti\'s 10 million people, only people have normal access to electricity and unstable supply, which hinders the development of enterprises and makes foreign investors discouraged.
This scarcity touches almost every aspect of Haiti\'s life.
Students read by candlelight.
Rich people in Haiti use rumbling generators to power their homes, a costly ordeal, because in a country where 80% people earn less than $2 a day, fuel can be used per gallon.
President Michel Martelly\'s government hopes to double the number of rural households who can access electricity by helping villagers get solar energy
Power system, reform the national power company, transform the country\'s largest energy generator.
So far, a total of about $0. 26 billion has been earmarked for energy projects.
\"If we solve the energy problem properly, we will inject vitality into the whole development process in Haiti,\" Rene Jean-said . \"
Zhu Mo, who is in charge of the government\'s Energy Department.
Lack of electricity is \"the biggest problem hindering development \".
6,000 people in Boucan Carre live by a river called Fonlanfe
Roughly \"deep in Hell \"-
During the rainy season, the situation has surged, and rescue workers are providing electricity to fish farms, which require a stable supply of electricity.
\"It has to be reliable because you need 24 hours of electricity,\" said Valentine Abe of the Caribbean Harvest Foundation, a Haitian nonprofit that donated fish. The Washington-
The US-based solar light Fund received a $500,000 grant from the Clinton bushland hatchery fund.
The water pump is powered by solar panels and batteries, which fetch water from the river and is 12,000-
A gallon tank full of baby fish.
Additional oxygen increases fish production from 2,000 per month to 20,000.
The fish were then given to farmers who raised them in nearby lakes.
Valentine hopes that people who now work on small farms less than a dollar a day will make an annual profit of $2,000 in addition to protein sourcesrich meals.
Elsewhere, the government is working with banks, at a low of $30 million.
Loans for 200,000 households to buy portable solar energypower kits.
The biggest target is Haiti\'s dilapidated electricity company, which consumes $100 million in official subsidies each year, accounting for 12% of the government\'s budget.
It cannot crack down on Haitian people who steal electricity through illegal access to the grid, nor can it provide stable power to any of its customers, even in the capital. In Port-au-
Prince is a team of carpenters who use their hands to build bed racks, doors and coffins under the shadow of a tarp on the trunk.
One of the 55-year-
Old Francis Pierre is eager to use his power tools, but he says there is very little electricity available.
\"We will be able to produce more products,\" he said . \"
Haitian officials turned to the United States. S.
USAID awarded a contract to Tetra Tech Inc. , a private utility operator
Power companies in Pasadena, California have been in charge for two years.
USAID is also repairing five substations in the capital Port. au-
Prince, and is studying the possibility of using solar panels in an industrial park in the north.
One of the biggest projects is international.
$48 from the US development bank8-
Millions plan to renovate the Peligre Hydropower Station, Haiti\'s largest energy producer.
As the reservoir is not properly maintained, it now has less than half the operating capacity of 54 MW.
Digicel, Haiti\'s largest mobile phone company, has built about 180 solar cells.
Power supply lights up the mountain to the countryside next year is expected to increase by more than 1,000.
Each lamp has a socket to charge the phone. Boston-
Health-based partners have installed solar panels in hospitals operated by the Ministry of Health and plan to build more solar panels using the solar light Fund.
Raymond Abraham, 30, said: \"If we lose power for three hours and the refrigerator does not work, we may lose the drug supply . \"year-
An old pharmacist trained at the Boucan Carre hospital, which has solar panels on the roof.
\"The best solution to a power outage is solar energy. \"In Port-au-
The Prince, the solar light, lights up a winding Avenue, taking motorists to the mountains above the capital, as well as settlement camps that emerged after the earthquake.
But solar panels are expensive and the equipment is not always easy to repair.
There are often no replacement parts in Haiti.
Joel kupfeman, executive director of Haiti\'s Environmental Justice Initiative, said energy development \"needs local control, not dumping technology from abroad \".
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