How are materials used by TUNTO for producing best monocrystalline solar panels ?
To Tunto green power, controlling the quality of materials is of the same importance to that of the quality of completed products. Materials utilized in best monocrystalline solar panels are provided by trusted companies and analyzed by our experienced team. The materials used are considered throughout the certification.

Since its establishment, TUNTO Green Power Technology has continued to be a leader in hybrid solar inverter industry. According to the material, TUNTO's products are divided into several categories, and polycrystalline solar panel is one of them. This product has passed ISO and other international certification, quality is guaranteed. LFP battery is installed into the solar garden/plaza light to guarantee the long lighting. TUNTO Green Power Technology has set up fairly large scale modern production line. Waterproofing and heat dissipation are both carried by the solar garden/plaza light.

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