How many production lines does TUNTO run?
Since its inception, Tunto green power has advanced production lines to meet the needs of more customers. The entire production line plays an important role in the sequential operations performed by the factory, in which raw materials are processed through the refining process to build a complete solar street light manufacturer . Our manufacturing facilities are world-leading. Their adoption can improve the production process and better meet the needs of customers.

Many customers have spoken highly of TUNTO for its great quality bright solar garden lights. According to the material, TUNTO's products are divided into several categories, and bright solar lights is one of them. Conduct overall quality control to ensure that products meet all relevant quality standards. TUNTO solar applications have been exported for over 10 years. our team Green Power Technology has excellent management team, modern production lines, advanced manufacturing equipment and processes. LFP battery is installed into the solar garden/plaza light to guarantee the long lighting.

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