ikea to sell solar panels to heat those meatballs

by:Tunto     2020-04-11
Ikea is selling solar panels to customers, which is a huge shift for Swedenit-
Furniture shop.
The company has a rolling-
Make plans for the panels of its UK stores.
\"Before making a market decision, we will evaluate the success of the UK launch --by-
A spokesman for Ikea said: \"The market base for promotion in other countries . \".
The home chain, known for its simple and cheap furniture, said it wanted solar energy to be \"affordable reality\" for everyone \".
Customers can buy standard 3.
36 KW photovoltaic (PV)
Semi-open system
It costs only £ 5700, or $9,200, or a solar finance package, without any upfront charges.
The company says solar panels are similar to flat-screen televisions.
But don\'t expect Ikea\'s speechless step --by-
Step instructions and stakes hold the equipment to the top of the house.
Ikea says it works with Chinese energy giant Hanergy to provide a full set of installations.
\"Trained solar consultants\" will use the simulation tools in the store to design a system for the home.
Then there\'s a \"straight nine.
Step installation process completely managed by personalized Hanergy Portal.
\"The service will be available in all 17 Ikea stores in the UK over the next 10 months.
In July, Ikea started a pilot program at the Lakeside store in the United States. K.
Ikea says solar panel systems are now on sale almost every day.
Read more: Honda offers free home solar system \"we know our customers want to live more sustainably and we want to work with Hanergy to make solar panels affordable and easy to get, joanna Arlo, head of sustainability at Ikea UK and Ireland, said in a statement.
Yarrow notes that there is evidence that installing solar panels can reduce homeowners energy bills by 50%, although it takes an average of seven years to recover the money spent on solar equipment.
\"We want to make a greener, more sustainable lifestyle attractive and convenient for as many people as possible, so in addition to our collaboration with Hanergy, we are committed to expanding our range of sustainable products, help customers save energy, water and waste sorting.
\"Fold before 2020,\" she said . \".
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