inuvik gets arts and crafts manufacturing centre and solar panels

by:Tunto     2020-02-20
Two projects have become a reality in Inuvik, New York state. W. T.
Thanks to the new funds.
Northwest MP Michael McLeod is promoting two recent federal funding initiatives in the community on Friday
A micro arts and crafts
Manufacturing center and solar panel project.
\"The Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk highway is bringing new economic opportunities to these communities,\" McLeod said in a statement . \".
The technology provided by the center will now provide opportunities for artists in the community to create \"innovative crafts\" for visitors, he said \".
\"The implementation of clean energy projects not only contributes to the environment, but also to the economic development of Inuvik organizations and enterprises. \"Micro-
The arts, crafts and technology micro-manufacturing center is open to members on Monday
The Manufacturing Center of Aurora College\'s former trade store opens its doors to members.
A statement from Aurora College said the facility allows artists, decorators and entrepreneurs to \"integrate traditional arts and crafts with new technologies \".
It can also help them make their work on a small scale.
\"The center will help build a strong arts and crafts manufacturing sector and further diversify the boford Delta economy,\" said jeffo\' keefe, interim principal of Aurora College . \".
In the boford Delta, about 1,400 people sell art and crafts, of which about 600 live in innowick, the statement said.
According to O\'Keefe, members spend $150 a month and $1,500 a year.
Members can use 3D printing, laser cutting, screen printing and computer tools
Auxiliary design, etc.
They can make jewelry, print T-using equipment and software-
Metal or bone, shirt and etched glassware.
The facility is from 10-
Introduce the students to the week course of the College of copying arts and crafts.
This course was very popular in last January, and the college once again provided it with lastOctober. The micro-
The manufacturing center is combined with $196,000 from the federal Northern Economic Development Agency of Canada, $60,000 from Aurora College and $57,500 from the territorial infrastructure, tourism and investment department.
It was developed in cooperation with the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, the gwichin Tribal Council and the territorial government.
Northmart, the McKenzie Hotel is sending more and more $ months of solar energy to panelsInuvik.
The solar panels at Northmart and Mackenzie are priced at £ 3 million.
Nihtat will invest $807,000 into the project and the federal government will contribute $538,000.
Nihtat will purchase and install members of the team of Nihtat gwichin about how to maintain them.
The Inuvik artists are turning to technology to take their work to a new level and no longer have a power outage?
Inuvik man installed Tesla\'s 1st \"powerwall\" in the north \". The federal government says the project will create two partstime jobs.
Jozef Carnogursky said: \"renewable energy responds to the values of our gwichin caring for the environment, it also provided the need for the Nihtat gwichin council for more than 1,000 nihtat gwichin council presidents, said in a statement on Friday.
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