kinshasa co-op hopes to conquer the world with traffic robots

by:Tunto     2019-12-08
Can giant robots with deep voices and huge arms solve the problem of easing traffic chaos in the Congolese capital?
A small cooperative that has developed a new solution and tested two robots at a critical intersection thinks so. -
It also hopes to promote this concept throughout the country, Africa and the world.
Initial feedback from both the public and officials was positive.
\"God bless the man who invented it,\" said taxi driver Frank Ma Wuzi . \"
\"The robot is very good.
\"Like many African capitals, the city of sands, with a population of 10 million, is known for its chaotic driving and huge traffic jams.
There are very few traffic lights in tricolony, many cars are old and worn, and not all drivers have noticed the highway regulations.
The lowest paid traffic police are often accused of extorting money from drivers.
\"When the robot stops traffic, you can see that everyone stops and pedestrians can pass through without any problems,\" taxi driver Mavuzi said . \".
\"The traffic police are too much trouble for us.
\"Let\'s let the robots do the work,\" he said . \".
The first model, Tower 2. 5 metres (eight feet)
Tall, deployed in last June on the busy Lumumba Avenue in the central lime district.
\"Driver, you should make way for pedestrians,\" it thrives when the red light and green light signal to stop or continue driving, lifting one arm and putting the other down.
\"We started with this, it just provides a safe passage for pedestrians,\" Therese Ir Izay Kirongozi said . \" He founded Women\'s technology to provide Congolese women with engineering degreesHer seven-member team --
Although there are four people in the name-
Develop robots in a small workshop with peeling walls and basic equipment.
In October, a more complex model was deployed at an intersection before parliament to control traffic.
Under the solar panel that provides power, it turns the torso.
When it raises its arm, the green light on the badge turns red and also comes with the light ---
Imitate a real
The traffic police at the scene stopped traffic on one line and let another pass.
\"There are a lot of robots in the world, but a robot that handles road safety and traffic control, and that\'s the real \'Congo\',\" Kirongozi said \'. \".
\"We have to sell our expertise to other countries and Central Africa, why not sell our expertise to the US, Europe and Asia,\" she said ? \" It is hoped that the project will create more jobs in the vast Congo (DR), where, especially in the volatile east, development is hampered by repeated wars. -
\"600 dangerous junction \"-
Part of the team will present this creation at the International Trade Fair in Canada and Switzerland in April.
A traffic robot costs $15,000. 10,000 euros)
Kirongozi said to build
Planete J, her own restaurant and leisure company, is currently paying for it, but she hopes the robot will eventually make a profit.
This is a positive thing. . .
\"In terms of road safety,\" said Val Manga, director of the National Road Safety Council.
\"We need to have these smart robots install them at various intersections in our country\'s towns and urban clusters.
\"In cities that still lack electricity throughout the region, solar panels that power robots can be an important asset.
These robots, made of aluminum, are designed to withstand the harsh equatorial climate of high temperature, humidity and heavy downpours.
A complex electronic detection system will tell pedestrians when they wait to cross the road.
The camera built into the eyes and shoulders provides a constant video lens for traffic flow.
\"When robots capture images, they are sent over the Internet to a center where images are stored and can be used to prosecute people who commit crimes, said Claude disaruka, a video surveillance expert involved in the project.
At present, all data belong to female technology.
But, according to Kirongozi, the money Western countries make from driving crimes, the system here can guarantee the income of communities that want to invest in robots.
\"We \'ve found 600 dangerous intersections and complex places,\" she said, only in Kinsasha, where robots can work.
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