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by:Tunto     2020-02-29
Letter to the editor on Wednesday, June 29. --------------------------------------------------
Pay fair prices on agreements negotiated by SA energy
We became customers of TRUenergy in 2005.
In assessing the cost and value of solar panels, we considered the 44c/kWh provided by the government and the 20c/kWh provided by TRUenergy.
Unfortunately, TRUenergy found that Origin and AGL paid the customer additional power for 6c/kWh and reduced the payment to 6c/kWh accordingly.
These companies charge consumers 19c-
23 C/degree, but only 6 c/kWh manufacturers.
For those who choose to pay for \"green\" energy, the kWh rate is higher.
According to Advertiser 14/8/08, it is best for the government to make legislation to force all power companies to pay a fair price to households entering the grid through solar panels.
We rejected the advertiser\'s massive voteline issue about solar panel subsidies, and the premise that poor people subsidize wealthy people who can afford solar panels.
By cutting spending and inheriting legacy, we managed to afford the panel fees that were hedged as rising retirement costs.
It can be argued that there is no need for the rich to worry about the amount of electricity they use or the rate paid.
Chris steissey at Ferryden Park--------------------------------------------------
Adelaide was dueNOT\'s place a long time ago and as demand exceeded supply, it was difficult to spend the summer without major power outages.
Our power companies are forced to buy from interstate at an excessive price to make up for the shortfall, a cost that has undoubtedly been passed on to consumers.
Now, according to David Jean\'s article (
Advertisers, 25/6/11)
, The \"over 76,000\" solar array will be online and will provide clean power to the grid when it is most needed and when the weather is hot.
Or the detractors want us to build another power station, coal-
Of course, because it is cheap, the cost of it will also be passed on to consumers, and sometimes the government should get credit when it expires.
Mao Holt at Ingel Farm--------------------------------------------------
Encourage Larry to have a good time.
Installation, correct direction, shadow-
Free, 6 KW solar system for two years.
I chose a big system because I have space.
In the summer, through frugal practices, solar hot water systems and battery/LED lighting, our system does generate a small surplus over our consumption, and we get solar credit.
In the winter, we have little extra cloud coverage and short days. Around 90-
South Africa\'s solar system covers less than 4 KW square meters.
Unless these owners leave and close HWS during extended holidays, they will not see 44 c/kWh.
If their system points to the north at the right angle, under the shadow
Freely placed on the cloud and newly wiped dust
For the free midsummer festival, they may get some credit for the excess power being re-injected into the grid. As for the $1.
2 billion the power authorities said that funding for a reduced solar repurchase plan would cost, mainly because of sales lost by power companies because consumers own solar panels.
Because of this, the use of fossil fuels will not have to generate electricity worth billions of dollars.
The competent power department shall (on the savings)
Be able to credit the taxpayer\'s accounts.
If we had solar panels for the most part, there would be much less concern about the carbon tax at the moment.
The government must encourage solar panels to fund research on panel technology to make it cheaper and should help lower
Income home installation.
Muta, Peter Lenny. --------------------------------------------------
Air-Conditioning prices in news reports over the past few days, the government claimed that SA\'s power users subsidized $50 per year to solar owners.
If this statement is true, then it will reach about 0.
Average electricity bill for 9c/kWh when it is 24c/kWh.
Is the government ready to tell us how much we subsidize the reverse users?
Circulating air conditioning, considering the millions of dollars spent on the ETSA, they figured out how to turn these devices off remotely during the heat wave. They can also provide detailed information on how much capital power infrastructure must be invested to cope with the huge power demand and transformer acceleration aging caused by these air conditioners, I promise we\'re all paying the owners a bigger bill subsidy reverse-
For the owners of the solar system, the circulating air conditioner is better than ours.
However, the government has not attacked the owners of these air-conditioning systems, just those who help save the environment by reducing the demand for fossil fuels, reducing the carbon footprint and investing more resources --
Our demand for power infrastructure has decreased. A.
Kan Ke, Athelstone. --------------------------------------------------
Yesterday morning, the vice president of Stradbroke Primary School visited the government building.
In the afternoon, before Judge Susan cren South, distinguished by the High Court of Australia, His Excellency the Governor was sworn in and sworn in allegiance to enable him to serve as the chief executive of the Commonwealth.
Subsequently, the Governor and Mrs. Scarce held a luncheon for Judge Crennan.
Other guests include Sierra Winnett, MS of the High Court of Australia, and Mr. Chris Angus, secretary of the Federal Executive Committee.
In the evening, the host guest gave a lecture on \"Southern Australia\"
Defense SA hosted a Defense state dinner at the National Wine Center. --------------------------------------------------
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