pensioner’s home gutted after its cash-saving solar panels ‘set fire to the roof’

by:Tunto     2020-04-07
A pensioner\'s home was burned out by a fire for cash.
It is reported that the solar panels on the Roof \"burst \".
A neighbor broke into the residence of an elderly woman in sleepy valegan, Surrey, and the fire was raging at the end --of-
Terrace Hotel.
The fire was quickly controlled, but the roof collapsed and the damage to the first floor was very serious. The semi-
When the fire broke out, the independent house was empty, but the firefighters rescued three cats from it.
An older neighbor in a wheelchair was also rescued from the house next door.
The woman did not notice the fire and did not close the door when the neighbor knocked on the door to remind her of the danger.
After the fire was reported at 9, two ambulances, four fire engines and fire support vehicles rushed to the scene.
30 this morning.
Debbie Myers, who lives opposite, said a fireman told her that the solar panels on the roof were on fire.
\"The panels were on fire and the roof collapsed,\" said the child-watching.
\"Lucky not-
There was one in there.
\"It\'s definitely a rant, but you can\'t smell anything, it doesn\'t smell like fire.
\"There are a lot of flames.
It\'s terrible because you don\'t think it will happen to you.
\"The firemen got here very quickly, so luckily it didn\'t spread to the next --door house.
\"One of our neighbors had to break into the neighbor\'s house in order to take her out.
She was shocked.
The ambulance was called for her, but thankfully everyone was fine.
This afternoon, the water pumps of Banstead, Croydon, Godstone and the aerial ladder platform of Leatherhead are still on site.
A spokesman for Surrey\'s fire department told The Sun that an investigation into the exact cause of the fire was still ongoing.
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