project threatens viability of vancouver\'s greenest sound studio

by:Tunto     2020-01-13
Brian Ward spent thousands of dollars installing solar panels on roofs and other energy sources. -
Save installation costs, and now it seems that the city is allowing a building across the street to exceed 50% height limit, which will block a lot of sunlight from his solar panels.
March 14, 2016 in Vancouver. VANCOUVER —
One day last week, when Brian Ward inspected his solar panels, he found that someone had tried to steal them from the roof of his mountain, but failed.
Wonderful stage.
It\'s just his latest misfortune in a legend involving his solar panels, city hall and Canada\'s greenest sound studio.
The Vancouver City Council is expected to confirm its permission on April 5. -
Floor buildings crossing the street from Studio Ward 31 will exceed the neighborhood height limit by 50%.
The developers plan to eventually build a 90-foot building that will cast a shadow on Ward\'s solar panels.
\"It\'s going to be the tallest building in the neighborhood,\" Ward said.
\"I have stressed to the city council that no one can use solar energy without protection.
If we want to be the greenest city and solar energy, we need to know that we will be protected.
A city study determined that the difference in shadows between 60 and 90 feet was \"very small at the peak of sunshine in adjacent buildings\".
\"For ward, even part of the sun block is a major event.
\"When the sun is low(in winter)
A few feet of shade means a huge difference, \"he said.
\"All the panels are on a chain.
If a row suffers from poor performance, it can drag down the whole system.
\"The cost of the panel is $35,000.
The proposed renovation of the Lighting Engineering Building at 22 Dongwu Avenue.
Opposite the ward, it will be three times the old 1942 warehouse.
At present, it has two floors, but the developers plan to add four more floors, ground retail, two-storey parking, 55,000-storey top four-storey office space. -square-foot structure. The Mt.
The pleasant neighborhood is a partitioned light industrial zone with limited office space and a maximum height of 60 feet.
But according to the zoning law, differences are allowed and developers claim heritage status, which allows flexibility.
Since entering the green market 18 months ago, Ward has attracted customers including David Suzuki, Greenpeace and Mountain Equipment Co. -op.
He would not treat oil companies or other \"dirty\" businesses as customers.
\"When I built this studio, I had to skip the inspection circle,\" he said.
\"Then something like that happened, totally outside the partition area.
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