researchers put solar panels in clothing for phone charging on-the-go

by:Tunto     2020-02-19
A group of researchers have created miniature solar panels that can be placed in clothes to charge a mobile phone or fitness tracker.
This small panel developed by the University of Nottingham Trent is small enough to fit in the yarn and then weave or weave into textiles.
The team behind the technology said it was able to charge the phone and fitness tracker during the test.
The solar panel is only 3mm long, 1.
The researchers said it was 5mm wide and almost invisible to the naked eye.
Professor Tilak Dias, project director at the University\'s School of Arts and Design, said the clothes looked the same as any other dress.
By embedding micro solar cells into yarn, we can produce clothing and fabrics that can generate sustainable electricity, he said.
\"The appearance and behavior of clothing will be like any other textile, but a network of micro-cells will be formed inside the fibers that are generating electricity.
This may eliminate the need to insert items into wall sockets and reduce the demand for the grid while reducing carbon emissions.
Power demand of intelligent e-commerce
Textiles have always been its Achilles heel and the technology will allow people to use smart textiles on the go.
If 2,000 solar cells were added to the textile, the researchers said, it would generate enough energy to charge the smartphone.
They developed a proof. of-
5 cm by 5 cm concept textiles with 200 cells.
The concept uses a USB cable to connect to the phone, but the researchers say they want to create a pocket with hidden connections as a charging dock made of fabric that will allow the device to be charged without a cable.
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