\'solar canopy\' turns sunlight into electricity and art

by:Tunto     2020-02-11
Author: Sophie, Molin-
Yron, cnn in Dubai\'s desert metropolis, where summer is a long heat wave, when people avoid the scorching sun, shadows are precious.
Enter the latest work of Italian architect and designer Carlo latti--
A shiny metal canopy can create a micro climate in outdoor areas by controlling light and shade.
The roof of the canopy is made up of round mirrors, each mirror has its own motor, which means they can be tilted separately to reflect different numbers of sunlight, and provide different numbers of Shadows at different times.
They can also help generate electricity by reflecting solar light to nearby solar panels.
\"Think of it as a magical canopy, you can put it on the outdoor space and terrace,\" Rati said. He is also a professor at MIT\'s perceptible city laboratory.
Chairman of the World Economic Forum\'s Global Council for the future of cities and urbanization.
The aim is to curb the heat, and in the hottest time, public areas in places like Dubai become \"unlivable \".
Like a sunflower, the mirror can track the sun all day, just like a sunflower longing for the Sun.
Rati said the canopy is also a new presentation of the 1970s disco ball: mirrors can be programmed to create beautiful patterns or spell words in the shadow of the canopy.
\"This is a new way to play with the sun,\" he said.
Latiti assumes that future users will create their own model Credit: Courtesy Carlo latiti Association is partly inspired by the traditional Arab courtyard, which is usually used as a awning, rati described it as \"the evolution of the traditional way to control the level of light, usually appearing in Arab buildings.
\"Although there are only six prototypes-by-six-
In terms of the size of meters, future models can cover the entire courtyard and square and allow owners to affix their artistic marks on the shadows they create.
Rati said that the technology does have its challenge: the prototype is sensitive to rain, although future versions will be waterproof.
It is more expensive than the traditional canopy, although Rati expects the future price to become more affordable.
He said: \"The cost of the prototype is very high, but once you produce it on a large scale, it may drop to about $100 per square meter . \".
Lati added: \"We have received several requests to develop this product to accommodate a wider space . \".
The prototype in February Dubai 2017 session of the World Government Summit of \"climate change re-imagine\" exhibition on the appearance
An upgraded version of Dubai\'s future museum.
The permanent museum is currently under construction and will open in 2018.
The exhibition organized by Dubai Future Foundation shows designs that help cities adapt to climate change.
An artist\'s impression of Dubai\'s New Future Museum was built in an oval --
Shaped glass structure credit: the foundation of Dubai\'s future, from robots and artificial intelligence to self
Driving a car and 3D printing, the museum will show the world-
Change the leading innovation in urban areas.
The exhibition organized by Dubai Future Foundation shows designs that help cities adapt to climate change.
Adapting to the rising temperature, \"this is about trying to understand the reality of climate change and how we can turn the challenges of the next few decades into opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship, noah, chief operating officer of the Dubai Future Foundation, said Clindamycin Phosphate for Injection la.
Opened in 2018, the new museum will incubate innovative and avant-garde design credits: Courtesy Dubai\'s future buddationraford sees more renewable energy used in Dubai, solar power generation, and currently built several solar farms in the desert.
\"Dubai has plenty of sunshine and the government hopes to reach 75% renewable energy by 2050.
\"Shadow reimagined the digital canopy being included in the exhibition as an example of creating a digital response environment,\" said Clindamycin Phosphate for Injection.
This is the top cherry.
Rati hopes to see the shadow of \"re-imagination\" in cities vulnerable to rising temperatures.
He said: \"We see that buildings have great potential to help us deal with what we call climate restoration, that is, to create small micro-climate and help us cope with climate change in the future.
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