solar panels going on roofs of two berkeley heights schools

by:Tunto     2020-04-03
Berkeley Heights
Solar panels are on the rise and the floors are on the decline, between which new countertops and lockers are being installed in schools in the Berkeley Heights School District.
On Tuesday, Donna ferrarzola, school business administrator and board secretary in the region, described various projects.
Perhaps the most exciting thing is the installation of solar panels at two schools in the area, Governor Livingston High School and Woodruff Primary School.
Felezzola said the solar unit is part of the \"joint County Improvement Authority project\" and \"The total size of the system is 201 KW.
\"Last of the Committee
Because some groups have quit, there is a chance to join the project.
According to the published report, the teams will provide 60% to 70% of energy per school.
No local school tax is required for this project.
Other ongoing projects include the replacement of classroom floors in five schools in the area: Hughes;
Elementary school in the park and Woodgrove;
Columbia Secondary School;
Governor Livingston High School.
Workers will remove old asbestos floor tiles and replace them with new vinyl floor tiles.
Each primary and secondary school will be replaced with four floors and five floors in the high school.
\"We try to replace four or five floors for each school every summer,\" Felezzola said . \".
The area has solved the problem of floor replacement for about four years.
\"In the end, everything will be replaced,\" she added . \".
A limited number of classrooms at Mary Kay Macmillan Children\'s Center and Woodruff Primary School are replacing classroom countertops and sinks.
\"We are gradually improving in all schools,\" says Felezzola, one of the \"ongoing projects.
\"The parking lot section in Hughes, Woodruff, Colombia and high school is undergoing a paving upgrade,\" she said, when necessary, and the new stripes and other paintings of the parking lot will be completed.
Felezzola said workers were \"replacing a portion of the lockers\" at Governor Livingston High School and Columbia Middle School as part of \"ongoing maintenance in the area \".
All schools are painting, she said.
Felezzola says the \"biology classroom and home consumption science classroom\" at Governor Livingston High School is being upgraded.
New countertops, stoves and new cabinets will be installed.
These upgrades are also part of ongoing maintenance.
\"The plan is to complete all the work before the start of school in September.
The first day of the teachers is Sunday.
The first day of the students is afternoon. 5.
The next meeting of the Board of Education will be held on Tuesday, July 31.
The Board of Directors will hold an executive meeting on the afternoon of the 7 th. m.
The regular meeting starts at 8. m.
The meeting was held at Columbia Middle School, 345 Plainfield Street.
In the music room.
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