solar panels to burn electricity cost by 90%

by:Tunto     2020-04-16
They will be marketed by a local company;
Reduce installation costs in a timely manner.
Bring solar energy and say goodbye to the huge electricity bill. The city-
Power Palazzo, a Power solution provider, will soon introduce imported solar panels that can be installed on the terrace, saving 90% of the electricity bill.
The company has established contact with the Chinese government Zhejiang energy company.
A company that sells solar panels in India.
\"Initially, we will focus on commercial buildings and bungalows because the installation costs of these panels are very high,\" said Micky Shah, director of the company . \".
\"Later, as the cost of installation starts to fall, we will be selling solar panels for the apartment, including a BHK plan,\" Shah said . \".
Speaking of the current cost of installation, Shah said it would take about 80 rupees for an apartment or apartment. “The first-
The time installation cost will be very high so far.
But over the years, it will cut electricity bills sharply.
\"Electricity can save up to 90%,\" he said . \".
He said that it is a win-win situation to generate electricity with solar energy. win situation.
\"The biggest benefit of using solar power is that it will help reduce energy bills.
In addition, the shortage of electricity supply will gradually decline as demand for electricity decreases, \"he said.
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