solar panels ‘waste money and only benefit the rich’

by:Tunto     2020-04-11
The boss of one of Britain\'s largest energy companies has admitted that solar energy is inefficient and poor families are subsidizing wealthy families who have the ability to install panels on their roofs.
Volker Beckers, ceo of RWE npower, said that some solar panels generate insufficient electricity to justify subsidies for consumers installing solar panels.
Within a few days, the government will propose to cut generous subsidies for domestic solar panels, funded by a package tax on energy bills for all consumers.
Many experts believe that \"photovoltaic \"(PV)roof-
The installed panels do not generate enough renewable power to justify these alms.
When the subsidy was introduced 18 months ago, it would take about £ 13,000 to install a typical photovoltaic system.
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