solar tiles - an attractive alternative to solar panels

by:Tunto     2020-02-23
No one is investing in solar technology because they think solar panels will add to the beauty of their home.
They are functional but not beautiful.
To make alternative energy more attractive to consumers, various companies are looking at ways to incorporate solar technology into existing building materials.
Solar tile has produced the most promising results, but the emerging building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV)
The system industry also sees the future, including solar windows.
So far, two US companies are vying for economically viable solar roof tiles.
SRS Energy in Philadelphia has developed the only power tile, dark blue clay tile that combines all the benefits of solar panels with the beauty of the ceramic roof.
There is nothing notable about the energy savings of these tiles alone, but when used with solar and other alternative sources of energy, the economic savings are significant.
For the purpose of branding and distribution, SRS Energy works with the manufacturer of ceramic tiles, clay roof tiles in the United States.
Tiles are made by the same high
Performance Polymers were found in many car bumpers and flexible solar technology combined with Solar Ovonic was used. Dow Chemical Co. , Ltd.
A chemical company has its own solar tile.
Ceramic tiles of the Dow Jones index use a layer of copper, GA, selenium (CIGS)
Use solar energy.
Roof tiles are not as effective as traditional solar panels and are only 10% more efficient, but they are relatively cheap to produce and install, and can also save electricity.
The solar system used in the tiles is a compatible asphalt roof slab.
Lennar Corp. and Pulte Homes work with Dow Chemical to distribute tiles and plan to expand the market as soon as demand is assured.
SRS Energy and Dow Chemical
It is planned to launch their tiles locally in 2010 and promote the service nationwide in 2011.
There is no news about similar technologies elsewhere in the world, but if the technology is economically viable, it is only a matter of time before solar tiles become common.
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