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by:Tunto     2020-01-31
Today, it is widely believed that we need to tap the potential of solar energy to produce most of the (if not all) energy we need.
Solar technology has evolved and is now available at a reasonable cost, and the growth of the market ensures variations, manufacturers and distributors of various solar panels, giving people a lot of choice.
As architects, it\'s time for us to consider renewable energy as an integral part of our design and not to make it a vassal of the buildingform.
This is BIV-
Integrated Photovoltaic building.
Understanding the latest developments in renewable energy technologies will help integrate them during the planning phase.
The advantage of the BIV over the traditional system is that by reducing the construction cost of the specific area where the BIV module is replaced, the initial cost can be offset.
In addition, as our buildings become higher, the ratio of the usable roof area installed by traditional solar panels to the number of occupants is slowly decreasing, making it difficult for the local area to generate the energy needed for each occupant.
One way to increase solar production is to replace building elements with solar panels.
In addition to the roof, The Biv can be installed on the building facade.
Unlike traditional solar modules, photovoltaic modules can generate electricity through direct and diffuse radiation.
Because the solar panels are glass.
Based on this, components containing windows, skylights, glass facades, roof panels, tiles, and doors can easily be planned as energy-
Produce solar panels.
In addition to power generation, these can also improve energy savings due to excellent thermal insulation and solar radiation control.
Various technologies currently available include polysilicon solar panels, amorphous polysilicon thin film solar photovoltaic modules that can be colored or transparent, CIGS-based (
Copper, selenium)
Thin film batteries, double glass solar panels with built-in square batteries and solar roof tiles with integrated solar modules.
At present, India\'s adoption of the BIV is very slow compared with other countries.
If architects and planners can fully think and support these initiatives, India can go further in realizing itself
Sufficient energy demand.
The author is the founder of Green evolution, a city
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