Thin-film solar panels: A flexible way to use the sun\'s rays

by:Tunto     2020-02-15
6,000 of Carl Haberger-square-
In addition to other facilities, Foot Chatsworth house is equipped with 6 refrigerators, 5 TVs, a small number of computers and a swimming pool-
Enough to draw the rocking fingers of the ecology
I would mind if it weren\'t for what was on the roof of habergel.
By the end of this month, the Los Angeles Hydro Department is expected to turn on the 24-hour power supply switch for the family
Installation thin kilowatts-
Thin-film solar panels have brought in what is considered the largest residential installation in the country. The thin-
Compared to conventional photovoltaic panels, the film panels have reduced power generation by about 50% per square foot, and the cost has increased by about 10%, but flexible films can handle surfaces and are less noticeable to integrate into the home
Light weight.
Advantages of earthquake countries-
Unlike bulky surround panels, thin
No need to drill the film on the roof reduces the risk of leakage.
Photo: thin 24 KW
The film solar panels installed by Harberger will not only power his lighting, electronics and air conditioning, but will also power systems that traditionally juiced with natural gas.
The film will heat all the water for the home and run the force-
Air heating system, clothes dryer and oven are included.
\"There are a lot of benefits to generating electricity with very little natural gas,\" Harberger said . \".
Outdoors, natural gas provides barbecue grills and auxiliary heaters for shallow swimming pools, otherwise these shallow swimming pools will be heated by the sun or electric heaters.
On the inside, natural gas is only used for kitchen stoves and living room fireplaces.
The reduction in indoor natural gas means a reduction in air vents that deliver carbon monoxide to the outside, thus reducing external confusion.
The house, designed by the 49-year-old Haberger, sits on a quiet street and often rides horses.
He lived there with his wife, two children and three dogs for two years, while planning to install solar equipment, which cost $160,000 before the DWP rebate was about $50,000.
The federal tax credit is about $30,000.
The panel is made by Uni-
Solar energy company based in Auburn Hills, Michigan.
, And installed the ADR Solar energy solution, lanheath company, specializing in thinfilm solar.
Like most homeowners who use solar energy, Harberger believes solar panels are common across the country. But the metal-
The plate structure and bending of his roof led him to college. Solar film.
Installed in the South-and western-
Facing the part of the roof, the film can better handle the seasonal differences of the solar pattern and maximize the power generation.
The top part of the panel will perform better in the summer;
The bottom panel will do better in winter.
\"Right now, our power usage is balanced,\" Harberger said . \" He added that in one case his family would use as much electricity as possible.
\"If I can control my child,\" he said.
\"I told them to watch TV as little as possible.
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