u.s. slaps new fees on chinese solar panels

by:Tunto     2020-03-08
The Ministry of Commerce imposed a new import fee on Chinese-made solar panels and found it inappropriate for the Chinese government to subsidize the panel manufacturers there.
The Commerce Department said on Tuesday it initially found that Chinese solar panel manufacturers had received government subsidies. 9 percent to 4. 73 percent.
Therefore, the department said that the Chinese panel imported into the United States will charge the same proportion of tariffs. S.
Depends on which company produces.
The tariff amount is considered small, but the decision could exacerbate trade tensions between the United States and the European Union. S. and China. Several U. S.
Solar panel makers are demanding high tariffs on Chinese imports.
They are struggling with fierce competition from China and weakening demand in Europe and other key markets, just as President Barack Obama is trying to promote renewable energy.
Popular news debate highlights missing student deaths Missouri abortion clinic shooting \"mastermind\" arrestedS.
Manufacturers have long known that Chinese manufacturers have been treated unfairly. . .
Subsidies, \"said Steve ornta, CEO of Helios Solar Works, Milwaukee, Wis.
Said in a statement.
The company is a member of the US solar manufacturing alliance.
China\'s solar panels are a model of trade problems. CBS News reporter Bill Whitaker reported that last year, the largest solar panel manufacturer in the United States established a strong relationship with China. S.
Panel manufacturers closed a factory near Los AngelesA. ;
Lost 100 jobs.
More than a dozen American manufacturers went bankrupt, closed or closed.
\"Just a few years ago, Chinese products were less than 10% of the US. S. market.
Today, they account for about half of America on average. S.
Market, \"said Tim Bright bill, a lawyer representing seven American manufacturers.
On the other side, some AmericansS.
Low, the company believes
The rising prices of imported goods in China have helped consumers and contributed to the rapid growth of the industry.
The new tariffs are low, which makes the Commerce Department\'s decision \"a relatively positive result for the United States\"S.
The solar industry and its 100,000 employees, \"said Jaeger Shah, president of the Affordable Solar Energy Alliance.
\"However, tariffs, large and small, will hurt jobs in the United States and extend our world\'s dependence on fossil fuels.
Fortunately, the decision will not significantly increase the price of solar energy in the United States.
Members of the case include California-
Headquartered in San Ireland, circular energy, solar energy in SolarCity and Westinghouse and China-
Headquartered in Suntech Power Holdings Limited
The Ministry of Commerce said it would postpone until May 17 to decide whether Chinese companies would dump solar panels on the world market for sale at below-cost prices.
When trade tensions between the United States and China are particularly sensitiveS.
Other Western economies want to restore growth and lower high unemployment rates by increasing technology exports. The U. S.
China is the world\'s largest market for solar, wind and other renewable energy technologies.
Both governments are promoting their suppliers, hoping to create more
Paid technical workThe U. S.
The dispute over Solyndra Inc. expanded the manufacturer\'s complaintx97 a California-
Solar panel makers filed for bankruptcy protection after receiving a $0. 5 billion federal loan from the Obama administration.
The failure of Solyndra embarrassed the government and prompted Congressional Republicans who criticized Obama\'s green energy policy to review it for a long time.
Solingdra believes that China\'s competition is a key reason for its failure. U. S.
Energy officials say China subsidized $30 billion for the solar industry last year.
In November, Mr. Obama said China had \"questionable competition\" in clean energy, and that his government had fought \"such dumping.
\"The government will act in due course to enforce trade law,\" Obama said.
SolarWorld Industries, USAThe largest bank in the United StatesS.
Manufacturers of silicon solar cells and panels and subsidiaries in Germany
Headquartered in SolarWorld, once led the United States. S.
Complaints from manufacturers
China announced its own investigation on November, saying it would look into whether the United StatesS.
Improper support for renewable energy companies has hurt foreign suppliers.
Watch the CBS Evening News report on February.
About the difficulties facing the United StatesS.
Solar panel manufacturers have always had a place in the open market. }
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