uk grab for tariffs boosted european solar panel sales in 2015 - industry

by:Tunto     2020-04-05
FRANKFURT (Reuters)-
Last year, solar panel sales in Europe grew for the first time in four years. But that\'s just because the British government is in a hurry to connect new solar power to the grid before it cuts power --
Tariffs paid to power producers of new installations.
About 8 GW (GW)
Brussels said that last year Europe\'s new PV capacity was connected to the grid, an increase of about 15% over the previous year.
The European Industrial Association, headquartered in SolarPower, formerly known as EPIA.
The company said last year\'s growth was the first since 2011, driven by demand in the UK market.
According to data from the UK Ministry of Energy and Climate Change, 32 GW of new capacity was installed in 2015 (DECC)showed.
However, the British government confirmed in December that it would limit total spending on feed. in-
Tariff, and reduce the tariff from February 2016, close so-
From April, the support plan for utilities, known as the renewable obligation, aims to increase the solar photovoltaic power generation capacity of 5 MW and below.
As a result, UK demand for newly installed equipment is expected to drop sharply this year, and German solar panel maker SolarWorld expects the UK market to drop to 1.
7 GW of new capacity this year.
Research firm IHS says installation is expected to drop by 6% this year across Europe.
\"Investors need a secure political framework.
Solar energy consumption and storage, \"said James Watson, CEO of SolarPower Europe.
European demand for solar panels peaked in 2011, when new power generation capacity of more than 22 gigawatts was installed to take advantage of generously subsidized solar panels
Tariffs are still being offered.
But for fear of rising costs, the government has cut these guaranteed tariffs.
The decline in subsidies makes the market competition of equipment suppliers fierce, resulting in some high
Profile of European casualties including former heavyweights such as Solon and Q-
South Korea acquired Cells in 2012.
European solar companies that avoided collapse after a complete restructuring include SolarWorld, SMA Solar and Phoenix solar, all in Germany.
At the same time, however, global markets have moved to other countries, including the US, China and Brazil, according to IHS, at present, the project accounts for more than half of the project pipeline in the global photovoltaic equipment industry.
Today, eight of the world\'s top ten solar component manufacturers are Asian companies, ranking the top three.
Trina Solar, Yingli Green and Canadian Solar-based in China. Globally, grid-
Photovoltaic connection including roof
SolarPower Europe says the most installed panels in private homes have increased by more than a quarter to more than 50 GW.
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