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by:Tunto     2019-11-26
Shenzhen, China(
October 20, 2018)-
Solar lamps are becoming more and more popular and cheaper to use in families.
The main reason for its popularity is that the solar system is self-contained. -
Sufficiently, no external power supply is required at all.
Solar panels, batteries, LED bulbs and circuits are provided as a whole and can be installed directly without winding wires.
VST Lighting Co. , Ltd. is a professional LED manufacturer from China.
The company has many innovative LED and solar lighting solutions to choose from.
They provide some of the simplest designs. -
Solar street lamp with intelligent function.
These lights are equipped with a built-in battery that lasts 500,000 hours, a light sensor for automatic switching on and off, and a motion sensor for identifying motion and adjusting brightness accordingly.
The advantages of solar floodlights provided by VST outdoor lighting are not limited to this. It is light in weight and easy for anyone to repair and use.
All outdoor lamps are effectively sealed, waterproof and can work under any weather conditions.
The light intensity is uniform and gentle, even close to the light source, the customer will not feel annoyed.
Every solar system has almost all sizes, distinguished by the Watts and lumens it emits.
About VST Lighting Co. , Ltd. In order to become one of the leading LED manufacturers in Asia, with innovative ideas and high quality products, the founder of VST Lighting has accumulated many years of rich experience in the LED manufacturing industry.
The company has created tremendous value for customers, striving to produce the best quality products, and provide warranty and support.
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