want solar panels? just give your roof a spray: scientists discover way of applying light-sensitive material to surfaces

by:Tunto     2020-04-22
Future solar panels can be sprayed on tiles by a ghost catcher, instead of illuminating the roof like they are nowstyle team.
Scientists at the University of Toronto School of Applied Science and Engineering have invented a new way to spray solar cells onto flexible surfaces using tiny light
Sensitive materials called colloidal quantum dots (CQDs).
Ilan Kramer of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering said: \"My dream is that one day you will have two technicians with ghost-hunting backpacks coming to your house to spray the roof.
Video solar scrolling down-
Sensitive CQDs printed on flexible films can be used to cover a variety of objects from laptops to aircraft wings.
The surface of the car\'s roof will generate enough energy to hold three 100-
Wattage bulbs or 24 compact fluorescent lamps.
The breakthrough could lead to a slump in the price of solar panels.
The SprayLD system is a game of manufacturing processes called ALD, referred to as atomic layer deposition in which the material is placed on the surface of an atom.
Thickness once.
So far, only the light-
Transfer sensitive CQDs to surface by batch processing
Inefficient, slow, expensive assembly
Line method of chemical coating.
SprayLD blast the liquid containing CQDs directly onto a flexible surface, such as a film or plastic, such as printing a newspaper by applying ink to the roll paper. This roll-to-
Roll coating makes it easier to incorporate solar cells into existing manufacturing processes.
Two papers published in the journal Advanced Materials and applied physics express show that the sprayLD method can be used for flexible materials without causing any significant losses in solar energyBattery efficiency.
The system is easy to use the nozzles used by steel mills to cool the steel and cool the steel with fine mist and some common wind brushes from art shops.
He added: \"This is something that you can build in the way of a dump war, and this is basically how we do it.
We think this is a No.
Compromise solution from batch processing to rollingto-roll.
With the rapid development of quantum dot solar technology in performance, it is important to determine how to expand them and make this new type of solar technology available for manufacturing, says Professor Ted sagant.
The coating process also brings equipment with superior performance, showing better control and purity.
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