What about the minimum order quantity of solar system street light price in TUNTO?
Tunto green power sets the MOQ of solar system street light price , but it can also be negotiated. Please understand that MOQ is a way to make production profitable. When you plan to reduce MOQ, it may be a way to use the same components throughout the production process. This can be negotiated.

TUNTO has been focusing on producing first-rate hybrid solar inverter. According to the material, TUNTO's products are divided into several categories, and hybrid solar inverter is one of them. Each TUNTO discount solar panels is highly designed and matched by our workers. The intelligent battery system is installed in each our team solar system. our company Green Power Technology gives technical assurance and first-class quality. our company solar applications record low moisture permeability.

we's devotion is to offer the most professional customer service which ranks top in bright solar lights industry. Contact us!
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