14 essential tech products for back-to-school

by:Tunto     2020-02-08
Although we are on dog day in the summer, August is an end and beginning for many people. Back-to-
The school is coming, which is very frustrating for millions of children across the country.
Parents feel the same way.
This meansto-
Crazy schedule, packed lunch, non-stop carpooling and homework, my God, homework!
But not all fear and melancholy.
The beginning of the new year brings hope and excitement, especially when there are shiny new technology partners.
Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
An estimated $18.
5 billion will be used for technical supportto-
Go to school this year.
If you get to the aisle soon, there are 14 great products to consider.
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School 205hp Pavilion x Jingdong students who need a reliable laptop that can meet the rigors of daily life cannot make mistakes with this new model of HP.
The main features of this touch
The enabled PC includes portability (Less than 3 lbs. ); storage (
4 GB memory and 500 GB storage);
and longevity (
Battery lasts up to 9 hours).
The price is definitely worth mentioning. (Starts at $279)
MEEMIf if you do not back up your smartphone data on a regular basis, your data may be turned off at a drop/overflow/disaster. Major fail.
Using the MEEM memory cable, your data is backed up every time you charge your phone, which is daily for most people. ($49.
99 for Android 16 gb; $69.
99 for Apple 32 gb)
Eero WiFiWith a lot of homework depends on the Internet and a highly reliable home WiFi network is essential.
Eero is a system consisting of three router touchpoints that can broadcast reliable signals to every corner of your home.
It also works with a complementary application to manage and monitor usage through parental control. (
$499 for three sets;
Can also be purchased separately)
Anyone with a 16gb phone knows how fast camera roll can dominate any and all memory.
Especially when the actual storage is lower than the storage that comes with the device.
Leef help store-
The flaw with the mobile solution is that it automatically provides additional space to continue taking more photos and keep them without having to do daily data removal. (16 GB for $49. 99;
Higher storage options available)Epson ET-
2550 EcoTank allin-
A good printer is the key to home technology between homework print output, homework, license sheets, giraffe photos and other random print/copy/scan requirements.
This Epson wireless color printer comes with a rich 2-
Annual ink supply (
About 4,000 Black/6,500 color pages).
It also offers wireless printing for tablets and smartphones. ($299)
On August, the smart lock big child who enters the home after school may like a keyless smartphone --enabled system.
Lost Keys no longer!
The August smart lock is easy to install on any existing latch and syncs with the app (IOS and Android)
Used to access and monitor entry activities.
If your child does not have a smartphone, the smart lock can be used with a complementary smart keyboard. (
The price of smart locks starts at $199;
$79 Smart Keyboard)
Kindle paper whitelong is gone, the day of dragging a heavy backpack full of huge textbooks.
Thanks to the Kindle paper white, students can now-the-
By visiting more than 800,000 titles, including downloading from Amazon\'s eTextbooks, going to school or having fun.
The resolution makes you feel like you\'re reading real newspapers and the battery lasts for weeks.
Thank you for your student\'s back and eyes. ($119. 99)
Today, BirkSun Solar BackpackKids children are constantly connected, which means that their devices need to be charged at any time.
You can use a portable mobile charger like Belkin MIXIT Power Pack 6600 or use solar energy with this BirkSun backpack. The water-
When students walk to class or socialize with their classmates in green, solar-resistant panels charge.
They have about 1% each month ~
3 minutes of sunshine, always available when fully charged-on power. ($249)
For any student, ROBOCOPP Sound GrenadeA\'s great safety gadget is a very compact personal alarm that can be attached to the backpack.
When pulling the pin, the sound grenade makes a harsh 120-decibel alarm (
Loud Like an ambulance)
Remind people nearby immediately
If the pin is still not plugged in, the siren will last for 30 minutes.
Hopefully this is something that will never be used, but it is good to have additional precautions. ($14. 99)
FlapjacksMac users will appreciate these colorful keyboard cases to add a little personality and prevent midnight snack crumbs from penetrating the keys.
Waterproof silicone by flexible (
Yes, it\'s washable)
, Flapjacks slide directly onto the keyboard (
Also, Mac users only)
Typing noise can also be reduced. Ssshhhhh. ($14. 99)
Colorful Logitech M325c mousaking, which will add vitality to any desk-up.
This wireless mouse can be thrown into a backpack or used with a desktop computer, adding functionality and personality to the learning time of any student.
Also, it\'s called the \"party series\", which makes it more fun for kids. ($29. 99)
Music is needed for every student, eco music Lite is great for instamusic anywhere.
This portable Bluetooth speaker is completely waterproof (it even floats! )
Excellent sound quality for something so compact. With a 7-
The battery life and measurement for one hour is only 3x3 \", which can be used for impromptu study hall meetings or dance breaks. ($59. 99)
JBL\'s sports wireless headset reflects the mini BT headset, which is perfect for billing for a more personalized listening experience.
When it comes to health, they offer-
Ears are comfortable and make sure they keep quiet during study time, running to class or even intense exercise. They’re sweat-proof, water-
Battery life is 8 hours. ($99. 95)
Cyclewith amazing statistics on how harmful sitting is, it is important for children to keep their blood flowing, even in those long temporary cramming feet.
Desktop loops are a great way to avoid complete stagnation without damaging your attention.
Students can easily hide under the desk and exercise while exercising their thoughts. ($159)
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