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The real-time power of a 10 kW PV project during the day and day weather temperature curve

We can see that the variation of solar power and temperature is consistent, that is to say, the hotter the weather, the more power the solar system can provide for air-conditioning units

How does a solar power system break even?

Using a solar power system (excluding energy storage) can reduce the requirement for mains supply or other power systems, which can cover the cost of buying a solar system for five year

Get 20% temperture reducing for the roof

Optional heating function

Which one is the best for you?

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Electricity demand
Power stability
The price
Local policy

Solar charge controller inverter

Protect energy storage system and improve photovoltaic efficiency,while solar inverter transfer DC to AC current

Energy storage system

In general, lithium ion battery or sealed lead-acid battery can be used as the energy storage battery of photovoltaic energy storage system, and the two batteries have their own advantages. The advantages of lead-acid batteries are lower risk and higher price. Lithium-ion batteries show higher cycle times and higher energy density

Our project of solar air conditioner system


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