Flexible solar panels
Solar Solutions, flexibility is the focus of Solar Solutions. This technology is specially designed for mobile and marine solar products applications. Our waterproof, light and thin modules can be designed according to your customized shape, color and power options.
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Customization of
Flexible Solar Panels

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Customized flexible, lightweight solar panels – ideal for application where weight and form of construction are critical factors, such as mobility, marine or custom lighting applications. Semi flexible solar panel technology allows to produce curved panels without breaking the high efficiency crystalline silicone solar cells.


Customization process

While every customer is different, our team typically follows a four step development process:

1. Exploratory Discussion
Typically a combination of phone and email conversation so we can learn about your project specifications and timeline.

2. Panel Specifications and Design
You will help us specify voltage, power, dimensions, materials and mounting mechanism and we will provide one or more designs that meet your requirements.

3. Prototype
Once a panel design is approved, we will produce prototypes for testing. Cost varies.

4. Full Production
Once fully tested, full production begins.

Custom Case
Flexible solar panel

Customized shape
Power option
Color selection


  • IP 67
  • 5-10years aging life
  • Light weight
  • Component flexibility
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