Off-grid solar power systems are off-grid power systems that convert sunlight into electricity and store it in batteries.This way of generating electricity can provide basic household electricity to areas where electricity is unstable and difficult to deliver, The power generation equipment used must be able to withstand harsh operating conditions, which is one of the reasons why TUNTO is preferred.



TUNTO Greenpower is a professional solution design and solution provider. We are involved in product design, production and system design of photovoltaic products.

Customers from all over the world put forward their requirements, and we try every means to assist them and realize their ideas

Off-gird solar power system

The United States sketched the initial ideas for our company just outside Ellensburg.

Off-grid solar power system for UN

According to the customer's sketch, we modified the products that can be put into production

 Semi-flexible solar panel for bus manufacturer

And customized a solar lithium monitoring system that meets the customer's needs, just outside Ellensburg.

Solar street light for negeria government

Can work 24 hours a day; Solar panels that meet US quality standards are available to customers.

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