• Power supply solution for outdoor equipment

Solar energy monitoring system

Installation and connection of monitoring equipment involves a lot of work. Traditional monitoring equipment networking and power supply require a lot of wiring work. Off-grid solar monitoring system can avoid such work and help customers quickly complete the installation and connection of monitoring equipment.


The United States sketched the initial

ideas for our company just outside



According to the customer's sketch,

we modifiedthe products that can

be put into production


And customized a solar lithium

monitoring system that meets the

customer's needs, just outside



Can work 24 hours a day; Solar panels

that meet US quality standards are

available to customers.

Custom semi-flexible solar panels

Flexible solar panels

Flexible solar panels are more compatible than ordinary solar panels, showing strong advantages in terms of weight and flexibility, and our solutions provide the possibility for customers to come up with various ideas about solar energy. Waterproof, light and thin flexible solar panels can be designed according to your product's shape, color and power options.

Exploratory Discussion

Panel Specifications

and Design


Full Production

Off-grid solar system solutions

Home solar system

off-grid Solar system. The advantages of off-grid life include but are not limited to providing users with free and stable power sources. solar power generation, which is independent of the power grid, can be applied to areas where the power grid is difficult to reach, so as to meet the daily needs of users with its unique advantages and save electricity costs.


Solar Panel


Solar system

Industrial and commercial photovoltaic solutions

Industrial and commercial photovoltaic

The application of solar energy in industry and commerce can bring considerable income from electricity generation, electricity sales, and even policy subsidies. For areas with unstable power supply, a good standby power supply condition can be created. Our scheme aims to maximize the investment income of users, and the form of factory direct selling can save users a considerable amount of money.


Solar panels

Solar combiner box

Solar system

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