Solar Garden/Plaza light is integrated design, aluminum alloy housing with anodic oxidation process, Nonconductive and won't corroded by brine easily. They are widely used in outdoor garden, plaza, lawns and parks.

There are two modes of lighting; one is with UAV remote control. The remote can penetrate obstacles and the longest distance is 30 M. the other one is light control. We can set the lamp turn on and off according to the sunlight intensity automatically. Whole night lighting can be 5Hrs 100% brightness + 7Hrs 25% dim light.

Solar Garden/Plaza light is very easy to install; only fix the pole or other objects can be used; no need connect complex cables and others; it can save your expensive electricity bill and more eco-friendly; the light is very safe to use and anti-lighting, rain, dust., etc. Comparing with other solar lights, ours has long time with inner LiFePO battery;

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