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150W-1500W Solar system

150W-1500W Solar system

150W-1500W Solar system

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Solar Panel
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Lithium battery
gel baterry
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Application Scope
solar light's application range is specifically as follows.Guided by the actual needs of customers, Tunto provides comprehensive, perfect and quality solutions based on the benefit of customers.
Product Comparison
Tunto provides diversified choices for customers. solar system is available in a wide range of types and styles, in good quality and in reasonable price.Compared with other products in the same category, solar system has the following major features.
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Company Advantages
1. Tunto solar panel inverter cost is exclusively developed by our in-house professional R&D team who are acquainted with the market changing demands in the mobile phone accessories industry.
2. Our polycrystalline solar panel are widely popular in solar panel inverter cost market based on mature technology and experienced team.
3. Using this product can help reduce the personal impact on the environment. It greatly contributes to the reduction of carbon footprints.
4. The product helps clean the pool efficiently and quickly, which makes it particularly useful for impromptu gatherings or parties.

150W-1500W Solar system-1

150W-1500W Solar system-2

150W-1500W Solar system-3

150W-1500W Solar system-4

The material selection of the whole equipment is higher than the

industry standard. The service life of solar panels is up to 30 years.

High quality inverters and controllers bring more stable system

operation and lower maintenance costs from the root cause.

150W-1500W Solar system-5

Tunto off-grid household system is designed with the advantages

of humanization, convenient to carry and simple to use, which is

suitable for all kinds of electricity scenes.

150W-1500W Solar system-6

High performance lithium battery and high quality controller are

the core of the long-term stable operation of the whole system.

Of course, the functions such as overcharge, overdischarge and

overcurrent protection are also essential

150W-1500W Solar system-7

150W-1500W Solar system-8
Quality battery

Special batteries in solar energy field,

first-line brand, design life 12 years,

ordinary batteries only about 3 years,

poor batteries only about 1 year, or

even half a year.

150W-1500W Solar system-9

150W-1500W Solar system-10

Product characteristics

1.High Conversion Efficiency and

High Efficiency Output

2.Excellent weak light effect

3.High-quality tempered glass with

high transmittance

4.The unique technology of high

transmittance and high quality 

tempered glass makes the

components beautiful, strong,

snow-resistant andeasy to install.

5.Unique technology to avoid

freezing and deformation of water

in frame

                                       Introduction of Solar Panel Materials

                                Glass: Ultra-white textured tempered glass, thickness 3.2, in the spectralresponse of solar

                                cells within the wavelength range (320-1100mm) transmittance of more than 91%, ultraviolet

                                radiation resistance, transmittance does not decline. Components made of toughened glass

                                can withstand the impact of ice hockey balls 25 mm in diameter at a speed of 23 m/s.

                                EVA:The high quality EVA film with thickness of 0.5mm is used as the sealant of solar cell and

                                the connector between glass and TPT. It has high transmittance and anti-aging ability.

                                TPT:Back of solar cells, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet radiation, impermeable

                                basic requirements.

                                Frame: The aluminium alloy frame used has high strength and resistance to mechanical


150W-1500W Solar system-11

150W-1500W Solar system-12            
Product characteristics

Material of chassis: metal.Customized according to customer

requirements. Function Scope: Home lighting power supply,

outdoor emergency power supply, MP3 playback, radio

function, mobile phone and other equipment power supply.

Household power supply system is designed forsolar energy

independent power supply. The system has integrated storage

battery and various controllers, inverters, MP3 playback and

radio functions, and the output interface is designed as an

integrated cabinet. Good compatibility, stable performance,

high photoelectric conversion efficiency, safety and reliability,

simple installation, is a high-quality solar energy independent

power supply products.

150W-1500W Solar system-13

150W-1500W Solar system-14

150W-1500W Solar system-15

Company Features
1. As a well-known company, Tunto is specialized in manufacturing polycrystalline solar panel .
2. Guangzhou Tunto Green Power Technology Co., Ltd. has excellent high-quality research and development team and market management talents.
3. To establish the service theory of solar panel inverter cost is the base of Guangzhou Tunto Green Power Technology Co., Ltd.'s work. Inquire online! To establish the service concept of solar system controller is the base of Guangzhou Tunto Green Power Technology Co., Ltd.'s work. Inquire online! With off grid solar system cost being its service philosophy, Guangzhou Tunto Green Power Technology Co., Ltd. provides solar power backup generator . Inquire online!
Tunto solar power backup generator has been tested in all aspects. It has been detected in terms of insulation resistance, current leakage, and current load. It does not easily degrade in hot and cold temperatures
The quality of Tunto solar panel inverter cost is assured. The frames and lenses are subjected to a variety of mechanical and optical tests. And the final product is checked in terms of performance characteristics. It can be made of pure aluminum foil paper, laminated materials, or plastic film materials
The security level of Tunto solar system controller meets relevant standards. It has passed the CCC, CQC, and TELEC testing for approved low voltage detector (LVD), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and radiofrequency (RF). This product has protection against flavor loss
Tunto polycrystalline solar panel is manufactured involving several stages. These stages include metal materials preparation, parts machining such as cams, shafts, and bearing, installations of fixtures&gauges, etc. It can be added with the tamper-resistant form to packaged goods if necessary
Main tests performed are during inspections of Tunto solar system controller. These tests include fatigue testing, wobbly base testing, smell testing, and static loading testing. This product is highlighted by its excellent impermeability
In comparing with other similar products, off grid solar system cost has obvious superiority such as solar panel inverter cost. With a sharp and vivid printing effect, it serves as a good tool for advertising
Excellent in solar power backup generator and fantastic solar power backup generator are the biggest points of polycrystalline solar panel. It does not easily degrade in hot and cold temperatures
You are well aware that this type of polycrystalline solar panel is solar system controller. Made of FDA approved materials, it is safe for human use
Compared with other solar power backup generator, polycrystalline solar panel has obvious superiority such as solar power backup generator. It is air-tight and contaminant resistant
solar power backup generator is a preferred high-tech product with such features as off grid solar system cost. It can be made of pure aluminum foil paper, laminated materials, or plastic film materials
Such conclusion can be reached that off grid solar system cost has several advantages as solar panel inverter cost. The polymer materials make it highly resistant to puncture
People who want to adopt a new, natural lifestyle, this product is able to help them look and feel natural. The number of layers and the thickness of the individual layer can be customized
This product gets cold fast and stays consistent. The digital adjustable thermostat is a huge plus. - One of our customers said. The product has good printing quality that features water resistance
The product is traded internationally and comprises a big portion of international trade in raw materials due to the unequal distribution of mineral resource. The image or logo can be printed and embossed on its surface
People who used this product praised that this product has a significant refrigeration effect, which helps promote their business growth. The number of layers and the thickness of the individual layer can be customized
The product is able to provide adventure, fun, and memories for friends and family to enjoy while creating screams and laughter. The polymer materials make it highly resistant to puncture
Being a dynamic propaganda method, it easily attracts the attention of the public, deepening people's awareness of the brand. This product has a remarkable effect on increasing brand awareness and good's selling points
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