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I have always thought that door salespeople should be young, stylish and optimistic about the brighter future they are about to sell you.
But this special guy.
He said his name was Charles. was middle-
Old, looks like he\'s himself.
Faith has been hit once or twice over the years.
This is just to show how wrong the first impression is.
Charles somehow got me involved in the conversation and tried to convince me --
No success.
It wasn\'t until I installed the solar panels on the roof that I knew what \"real happiness\" meant.
What I can say is that he yawns me quite mesmerized until he makes a classic line that fascinates me.
\"I think I was right to find the harmonious notes of Yorkshire from your accent? ’ he ventured.
I admit he\'s right.
I\'m from Skipton, a small market town known as the gateway to Dales.
In this case, he goes on to say that it doesn\'t make sense to assume a respectful look and try to pull the wool from your eyes.
\"For a second, I saw how wrong I was with his preliminary assessment.
Charles is clearly a man of impeccable judgment, a man of keen wisdom, and when he sees it he knows its true qualities.
He is the one who you will believe in your life and even the power supply of your house.
As we have just determined, I am not a person who is easily deceived.
After that, everything was in place. My south-
Facing the cottage near Midhurst, West Sussex, it is an ideal choice for solar panels.
Making all the sunshine a waste is almost a crime to nature.
With solar panels, the sun will be collected. How? I had no idea.
Probably the same way they collect rain: they put the sun in the water pipe and collect it in the Sun box.
We don\'t worry about small technical issues-
This is what the wife is.
It was not until Charles began to talk about what he called the \"bigger picture\" that I realized my ignorance on this green issue.
He gently pointed out some universal truths that slipped away from me.
For example, do I know that the matter of 4 million tons of the sun is converted into energy per second? No, I did not.
Do I realize that every two days the sun will shower the Earth with energy equivalent to all the known storage fuel reserves in the world? No, I was not.
I jokingly asked if all \"known stored fuel reserves\" on Earth included my log
It was almost certain, he replied.
I tell you that my ignorance of the green energy issue is a shame.
Not only did I not know about these things, I did not even know what it meant when he told me.
But just as we were sitting in my garden chatting, the sun was pouring its blessings on the roof, shamefully bare the panels. Wasted. All wasted.
I hardly dared to attract his attention.
The answer is simple in itself, says Charles.
Across from the table in the garden, he slipped some charts that showed the paradise we were heading.
The upward line shows the money I will save if I install his panel.
The ones that go down show the power I no longer need to buy.
The idea is that the sun heats the panels as much as possible, and then, if necessary, the normal power supply system will gradually replenish the power generated by the panels.
The result is that the electricity bill is so small that I laugh when I open the bill.
Also, Charles suggested that if I wanted to install more than one solar panel on the roof, I could sell any excess power to the government.
It\'s a bit too complicated for me.
If we are approaching the situation where the government relies on me to provide the energy of the country, the only thing that can help is prayer, and a lot more.
Anyway, Charles explains that the cost I will save will be reimbursed for the installation soon.
What impressed me was that I even expected him to show me another set of charts to prove that my solar panels would cause a sharp increase in the number of polar bears due to global warming.
He said it was mine for just over 5,000.
At a time when the country is facing a power outage, because in order to achieve the EU\'s green target, the power station is shut down, and by 2020, the green tax will increase the electricity bill by at least two cents per year, I don\'t think it\'s very rude to me. So, with self-
Charles humbly accepted my thanks and a check for £ 5,000.
Within a few days, the installation team came and installed 20 deep-colored glass tubes on the roof.
When I looked at them and imagined that our annual electricity bill would save a lot of money, I also dreamed of wondering if I should go to the nearest car showroom to order a new Bentley.
Of course, my solar panels did produce immediate results.
July and August, I can take a shower every 20 minutes if I want.
The hot tub will tear off your skin.
Still, I don\'t do it as often as you think.
At the same time, in January and February, if the pale winter sun managed to break through the clouds, sometimes the hot water was enough to give the mouse 1 feetbath.
When I say \"hot\", it is more accurate to \"warm slightly.
It must be a little mouse, not a very dirty mouse.
As for the energy bill, smug laughter has been silent all the time: the bill looks the same as usual.
However, I find that I occupy the moral high ground, which is not my usual position.
Occasional brain
The teenagers who wash up will congratulate me on doing my part for the environment.
While spreading my sense of spiritual superiority, I try to be modest.
The truth is, I\'m not sure if I believe in this rescue. the-planet stuff.
I\'m more of an ecology.
A peace, not an eco. warrior.
If there used to be wind turbines, the Netherlands now has windmills on the moon.
Although I would like to see myself as a global energy source
I can\'t convince myself that I can personally stop climate change.
Even if it exists.
How can a person who can\'t even let a cat use its garbage --
Pallets may help to stop Arctic icecaps melting?
Make the world a better place
It\'s all good, but my top priority is to trim the lawn and clear the weeds on the road.
After that, I may look at the world.
But don\'t rely on me.
So why do I agree to get involved in this battle with the power of the universe?
The answer is obvious.
Salesman Charles hooked me up with Yorkshire pride bait and mixed a little old stuff
Yorkshire-style stupidity
The combination of the two overcame Yorkshire\'s mean with money, which did not happen very often.
Yorkshire\'s frugality also worries me about one of the most attractive parts of Charles\'s sales model.
Remember the idea that he used solar panels to cover the entire roof and sell excess power to the government?
A friend told me that\'s what he did.
In the summer he had extra power and the government did buy him out.
But the price they pay is more than double the amount of electricity he pays for their supplier.
You don\'t need to be an economist to see it\'s a policy.
Buy Double, sell half
The best description is short.
Explains why the country borrowed pounds in the last fiscal year.
As for my own solar panels, I am afraid they will go wrong.
Once, when I had to call a plumber, he took a look in the attic and came down again.
\"God knows what they did to your roof, but I didn\'t touch it.
When an accountant friend is interested in an investment-like system and asks to see my time-consuming, I feel a little hurt and I appreciate it.
He studied it, took some notes and sat in the chair.
\"Well, it will definitely pay for itself. . . ’ he said.
\"It\'s great,\" I smirked.
\"I know it\'s a good deal.
\"If you can,\" he continued.
\"If you live to be 154, it will pay for yourself.
Of course, I will.
We are famous. lived.
An article in May 13 mentions the solar hot water panel of writer Colin Dunn.
We are pleased to clarify that he mistakenly believes that this will provide the advantages of photovoltaic solar panels to provide electricity that can be paid for by the head of household.
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