5 powerful reasons to invest into solar panels and save money!

by:Tunto     2020-04-18
The solar panel sso 2008 is gradually decreasing, and many things have happened this year.
Nearest particle accelerator (
Large Hadron Collider
Obama has given young people around the world confidence in politics.
But the real theme of 2008 is gas prices.
Many people around the world are still wondering if gas prices will be cheaper.
The truth is, it will never get cheaper. That\'s right -never.
Not only will Natural Gas never get cheaper, but everything we pay for relying on petrochemical production --that is -
Everything you use
From your chair, computer, desk, plastic, vehicle-
Never cheap.
Think about it, for a while-
Everything you rely on requires a rapidly consuming energy source.
It needs many different sources of refined oil (petrochemicals)
Produce almost all the goods and technologies we enjoy.
Some people think we have 20 years left. Some people think we have 50 years left.
The bottom line is that there is a timeline in our life.
Let\'s take a look at your home or apartment.
Depending on your location, your home is bundled into a huge energy network powered by things like hydropower stations and coal-fired power plants.
All of this requires the maintenance and construction of petrochemical products.
My main point here is that as a planet, we need to start changing our energy infrastructure while we have oil.
However, don\'t sweat. In fact, the power is in your hands.
So when we have this black gold, we are still able to make things like solar panels that allow people to get out of the grid.
Solar panels are very new, but they have been in theory for many years.
If you\'re a homeowner, you even live in a small apartment.
Solar panels can help you save money in the long run.
But in addition to the lack of oil resources and other reasons, why do you invest? Here are 5 reasons why you should invest: reason 1-
On average, solar panels can last up to 30 years or more.
With just a few arrays set up, you can power your home with your own renewable energy.
Not only that, but solar panels can withstand a harsh climate.
A common misconception is that you need sunlight to convert into electricity.
Even in cloudy days, solar panels can still be converted from solar energy to electrical energy or thermal energy (
Although the capacity is different). Reason 2 -
Unlimited power!
While others are crying and complaining about oil prices and high energy costs --
The supply of solar energy is unlimited.
Unless the sun explodes and destroys our entire solar system.
You really don\'t have to worry about never having power. Reason 3 -
Once you invest in solar, you are eligible for tax benefits and rebates for federal, state, provincial, and utilities.
These are not \"$30\" for your coffee machine rebate \"--
They add up a lot!
In Australia, for example, if you spend $16,000 on solar equipment, they will give you a rebate of up to $8000.
This also does not include other rebates you can get.
You need to check the government policy of your own country.
But in the next 5-10 years -
All countries will join the ranks of solar energy. Reason 4 -
It\'s not just a single easy installation with solar power, you don\'t need to invest in a bunch of expensive arrays right away.
You can set up a panel at a time, and you can add extra panels whenever you feel the time is right.
Also, installing solar panels is actually much easier than people think.
You can do it yourself, or have the installer install it for you on the same day. Reason 5 -
Add a \"capacitor\" and you won\'t laugh. Capacitors are a device that allows you to store unused energy.
So if you\'re producing solar energy
Two things usually happen.
You can give this energy back to the system grid (
That is, concentrate your energy into the grid for others in your community to use)
Or you can store it in a capacitor.
If you run out of energy or you see \"under production \"--
Capacitors allow you to have the energy you used to store.
This means that you will always have the support of energy in times of crisis.
What does this mean (
Solar energy is generally available)
When the system grid exceeds its maximum energy potential (
That is to say, too much energy is used in the city, resulting in power outages)-
You will still have power on!
Your neighbors will look at the only shiny house in the block with envy.
So you have it.
If you don\'t believe it yet
See more information.
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