7 tips for selecting home solar panel

by:Tunto     2020-03-26
According to World Energy Council 2014 monitor on world energy issues, household solar panels are selected;
In the absence of clear solutions, the mitigation of global climate change remains a key issue for five consecutive years: this requires large-scale use of green energy technologies such as solar energy;
Especially at the household level where energy consumption is not large.
Solar panels provide the best and most effective way for families to use solar energy;
For small businesses that don\'t need a lot of power.
The main advantage of solar energy is its wide application;
When the solar collector is installed through the solar panel, it is completely free to use it: however;
Choose the best solar panels for home use;
Working in a small business environment is always a problem for buyers.
This article includes a comprehensive list of solar panel purchases;
For individuals who need to install and use solar panels at home;
Office space for small businesses.
The purchase of solar panels requires appropriate guidance before deciding which one to purchase for the home or office: Ideally;
Cost is one of the factors to consider when purchasing solar panels;
However, when purchasing technical equipment such as solar panels, the cost itself should not affect the purchasing power. 1.
The cost of solar panels has different types and different costs;
Depending on many factors, including physical dimensions, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars;
Wattage; durability;
Heat resistance and quality of materials used;
Production company;
Guarantee period provided, among other factors.
Therefore, cost is not the only factor that needs to be taken into account and will depend on some of the factors discussed below;
Depending on the electricity demand of the buyer. 2.
It is very important to consider the Watt size of the solar panel before actually deciding to purchase it;
The size of the wattage will directly affect the general cost of the solar panels you purchase;
In this way, the higher the size in Watts;
The higher the cost of solar panels. On the other;
The power size of the solar panel is proportional to the output capacity per hour;
In this way, a solar panel of 100 W will generate a power of 100 W/h;
The 500 W solar panel will produce an output of 500 W/h: Ideally;
The higher the Watt size, the stronger the ability of solar panels to generate electricity.
Therefore, it is wise to estimate the amount of electricity you need and to purchase solar energy to meet your electricity needs at home or at the office. 3.
Solar cells use the type of solar cells installed is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing solar panels: get higher efficiency with solar panels;
Single crystal silicon needs to be installed in the panel.
On the other hand,
Single crystal silicon also has a high heat resistance rate;
This is one of the main factors to consider when buying household solar panels, which use a large silicon solar cell.
Or multiple single crystal silicon batteries;
Solar panels are the first choice for residential installations today. . . . . .
Because it improves the unit module, it can be adjusted according to the power requirements of a given residence.
Technological improvements in polysilicon solar modules also make it possible to improve efficiency and heat resistance. . . . . .
Depending on the energy needs, this may be large or larger than the single crystal solar panels of the same industry.
The last type of solar cell is amorphous silicon;
Also known as thin
Film: Amorphous Silicon provides the lowest efficiency compared to single crystal silicon and polysilicon batteries. 4.
Durability must be considered when purchasing solar panels: a 25 year or more warranty is a good choice.
On the other hand, you need to make sure you buy solar panels from a trusted retailer or dealer;
They may sell and distribute high-quality solar panels from well-known companies in the solar panel industry. Besides;
You need to be sure that you are buying a well-known brand of solar panels;
It has been on the market for several years and has good customer reviews.
Avoid new brands that are not popular in the market, as there may still be problems with their quality. 5.
Tolerance and efficiency the tolerance of solar panels should be accurate;
This is the extent to which the panel does not meet its rated power;
Or more than its rated power.
If the face value of the solar panel is 400 W;
Ideally, it should be able to provide the same wattage per hour: in some cases, especially when people buy low-quality solar panels;
The rated wattage will be higher than the actual wattage that can be provided per hour.
Avoid this inconvenience;
In any case, make sure the rated wattage is very accurate.
On the other hand,
Efficiency is an equally important consideration: the solar panels you choose to install should be effective when converting solar energy into electrical energy.
The efficiency of solar panels depends on the materials used;
Low quality materials should be avoided because their conversion efficiency is always affected due to poor process equipment. 6.
Rating of temperature Co-
Efficiency is important because it will indicate the heat impact on the solar panel after installation and operation. The co-
The efficiency level calculated by percentage should be lower than per degree Celsius;
Therefore, when purchasing household solar panels;
Make sure you check the temperature co-
Effective ratings to avoid the adverse thermal effects that solar panels may be subjected.
The lower the percentage of Co-
Given the effective rating of the solar panel;
The better the solar panels. 7.
The physical size of the solar panel and the physical size of the solar panel are not important;
It is recommended to consider the available space for installation.
If you have enough space to install the panel;
You can consider buying solar panels with higher power.
The size of the body depends to a large extent on the demand for energy;
Ideally, larger-sized solar panels will have a high rating on wattage.
The purchase of solar panels depends largely on the individual\'s energy needs;
When buying solar panels, it is not a wise idea to take the price as the main factor;
The quantity of materials used, production companies, heat resistance, efficiency, durability, etc. should be considered: This will ensure that you get high-quality solar panels that meet the energy needs of your home as needed.
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