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80% electric fee discount! that‘s the way how an energy storage system saves your electric bill

80% electric fee discount! that‘s the way how an energy storage system saves your electric bill


Energy storage project  
80% electric fee discount

In the context of coping with the global energy crisis and environmental pollution, the research and application of renewable energy and energy storage technology has become a global hot spot. Among them, the concept of "light storage combination" is leading the new trend in the field of new energy, providing a new perspective for our future energy solutions.

"Solar battery combination", that is, the combination of solar energy and energy storage technology, means that we can transform unstable solar energy into a stable and sustainable power supply through advanced energy storage systems. In this system, solar energy and energy storage devices cooperate with each other to form an organic whole of "Energy-storage-load", which greatly improves the efficiency of energy utilization.

As a ubiquitous and unlimited renewable energy source, solar energy has great potential for development. Energy storage technology is the key means to solve the instability of solar power generation. By storing excess energy, we can ensure that we can continue to supply power in the absence of sunlight, thereby improving the stability and reliability of the power supply.

At the policy level, governments have also given great support to the development of light storage. In Germany, for example, the government has proposed the "Energy Transition 2030" plan, which aims to vigorously promote renewable energy and improve the status of solar and storage technologies. In China, energy storage technology has been listed as a key development area in the "14th Five-Year Plan", and the strong support of national policies will provide a strong driving force for the development of light storage.

In terms of economy, with the progress of technology and large-scale production, the price of solar energy and energy storage equipment is also declining, making the economy of light storage combination continue to improve. In Australia, for example, through the large-scale application of light storage systems, the cost of electricity has been greatly reduced, while the positive impact on the environment has also brought incalculable social benefits.

In terms of environmental protection, the application of light storage combination is of great significance. Solar energy as a clean energy, no carbon emissions, can effectively reduce environmental pollution. The addition of energy storage technology can further improve energy utilization efficiency and reduce the pressure on the environment.

However, the installation of photovoltaic is also limited for some areas, photovoltaic installation needs a site, for units without a site, Is it wise to configure energy storage separately?

8 Reasons to build an energy storage system

What does the energy storage project bring in addition from the price difference? Hidden gains also have the following aspects.

  • 01
    A chance to get energy storage subsidies
    The amount of subsidies - depending on the region, how long the subsidies - also depends on the specific policies of the region. At present, whether energy storage projects have subsidies needs to pay attention to the specific policies of various countries and regions
  • 02
    Enterprises reduce capacity
    Enterprises reduce capacity and demand, reduce the monthly fixed transformer capacity or demand fee;
  • 03
    cut the power peak and fill the power valley 
    This is the profit core of energy storage projects.  Higher peak and peak prices create a larger spread between prices, and thus higher profits
  • 04
    not affected by power rationing
    According to the severe power rationing in some areas, if the energy storage system can support the operation of some core businesses, the operating rate of the enterprise can be increased, and the function of completing the order on time or reducing the loss can be expanded indefinitely
  • 05
    Carbon trading
    Future opportunities to participate in carbon trading for energy conservation and emission reduction.
  • 06
    Participate in power side response
    such as shared energy storage and virtual electricity

what’s more ? VAT deductible and Emergency preparedness ……

Customize energy storage systems from TUNTO Green Power

We charge system design, equipment customization, installation technology expenditure, operation and maintenance expenditure to provide perfect solutions. Tell us about your country's electricity consumption system, electricity prices, and your electricity needs, and a storage plan according to your actual needs is on the way to you.

Here is the revenue data of a 1MW, 2MWh energy storage project

Peak price

Peak electric fee 


fastigium price $


fastigium price


Valley electricity price


Holidays and downtime


Peak months and special days


Ordinary operating days


Discharge depth


 Charging efficiency


 Discharge efficiency


Project capacity KWH


Item power


Grid charging consumption


Energy storage discharge


Self-discharge income loss


Daily profit of peak electricity price


Non-peak electricity daily income


Annual return


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