centre praises up\'s off-grid solar projects

by:Tunto     2020-01-14
\"Uttar Pradesh is actively carrying out solar energy projects and all stakeholders are actively cooperating, including the National Agricultural and Rural Development Bank, commercial banks, regional rural banks and national institutions,\" Raza, director of the Ministry, told the Business Standards in New Delhi.
_ Solar energy projects involve the establishment of small power plants and solar lighting systems in police stations, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels and sanatoriums.
_ Solar energy projects have been carried out in 2000 Ambedkar villages across 46 districts, mainly for street lighting.
In addition, 100 telecommunications towers in the state are also installing solar panels.
_ The center provides up to 30% capital subsidies and credit support for Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Energy Project. While the re-
Financial institutions receive funds from the government at 2% interest, at the retail end-
Users get 5% soft credit.
However, unlike Rajasthan and Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh\'s grid solar project has not yet started, Raza said.
The solar energy capacity of the power grid can be connected to the power grid for transmission and distribution.
\"The grid\'s solar power capacity depends on the choice of private entrepreneurs to show their interest in the project and the positive attitude of their respective state governments to attract them,\" he said.
Laza said that the State Electricity Regulatory Commission should first announce the price of solar energy, before entrepreneurs can find opportunities in the state.
At the same time, the country\'s central bank can classify loans for solar installations as priority sector loans.
Nabard has applied to the Reserve Bank of India. (RBI)in this regard.
\"We hope that the Reserve Bank of India will accept our request and send a notice to the bank soon,\" said Nabard\'s chief General manager. (UP)D P Mishra.
Under this task, the center has set a goal that the installed capacity of solar energy for grid-connected generation is 20,000 MW, and that for power-off generation is 2,000 MW. -
Grid-connected power generation by 2022.
In the first phase of the target, by March 2013, the center will target 1,100 MW and 200 MW power grids and power outages. -
Power grid capacity.
In the first phase, it cost 430 million rupees. (Rs 4. 300 billion)
Overview, of which 350 million rupees(Rs 350 million)
It has been released this year and the Ministry of Defense has demanded 150 million rupees. (Rs 1. 950 billion)
Next fiscal year.
_ \"There are no financial constraints on tasks, but bureaucratic procedures need to be addressed,\" Raza added.
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