ces 2017: goal zero unveils next generation of portable power solutions

by:Tunto     2020-02-07
If you\'re an outdoor enthusiast, a homeowner who wants to provide backup power on demand, or a tech enthusiast who hates to think of battery dead a few miles from the nearest socket, you might know zero goals
The company has set standards for solar energy.
The generated power solution and its unique green and black color scheme are immediately recognized.
I have recently reviewed several Goal Zero products, including Torch 250 flashlight, Nomad 7 Plus solar panel and Rock Out 2 wireless speakers, if you would like to know about the work of this company (
Released in partnership with Woolrich).
At CES 2017, Goal Zero launched a series of next-
A generation of products, while adding the company\'s first gasoline, improved some of the most popular products
Power generator.
Yeti Lithium 3000 portable power station target Zero\'s Yeti portable power station series is designed to charge portable electronic devices, run lights and even power small appliances in the grid.
They are zero emission, zero noise and can be charged using optional solar panels or by plugging in.
The new high-capacity Yeti Lithium 3000 powers everything from camping to emergency backup or trailing.
It is maintained free of charge and can be replaced with a new battery when the battery life is over, which greatly reduces the cost of replacement.
Yeti FuelGoal Zero has built a reputation in solar energy, so gasoline-
The Yeti fuel generator is an interesting addition.
Maybe not that clean or noisy
It is free as solar energy, but when there is no working power outlet, solar energy is not an option, the snowman fuel will quickly charge the snowman power station.
The company ensures the environmental performance of Snowman fuel
Be as friendly as possible, including auto off
When the battery of the connected Yeti power station is fully charged, the battery power will drop.
Boulder Solar Panel Zero offers a variety of portable solar panels suitable for camping (
I can prove their usefulness there)
And rigid panels for temporary or permanent installation.
The Boulder series is the latter, consisting of tempered glass with aluminum frame and a single crystal plate with integrated support for optimal positioning.
Re-introduce zero target
CES 2017 engineering Boulder solar panels.
The new version is easier to use with a new form factor option (a foldable 100-
Model of Watt briefcase), more power (50-watt and 100-watt output)
The best thing is-
Target Zero says they will sell at a \"much lower price.
\"From this point of view, in writing 90-
The retail price of Watt Boulder solar panels is $499.
99 but MSRP on the new 100-
The Watt version is $299. 99.
According to target zero, the new Boulder Solar panels will be available in 2017, while the snowman 3000 and snowman fuel will be released.
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