coming soon: 3d printable solar panels capable of powering… anything

by:Tunto     2020-02-23
A team of 50 scientists from different fields has been working on developing papers for many years
As part of the Victoria organic solar cell Alliance, thin printable solar panels.
They want to see low production in the commercial market.
Power applications in the near future.
The main benefit of this technology is that it changes the way personal electronics are charged.
IPad Case for IPhone, laptop bag, skin
Will no longer be
Fiona Scholes, a senior research scientist at CSIRO, Australia\'s national science agency, told ABC News, \"just to package electronics, but also to collect some energy and power those electronics.
More importantly, energy can be delivered to remote and developing parts of the world in a cheap and easy way.
According to the consortium\'s website, the difference between the existing solar panels and the technology being developed is that \"organic batteries offer the potential to print directly to materials such as roofs and windows, so, open the opportunity for an interesting integrated architectural design.
The alliance consists of members of CSIRO, Melbourne and Monash University.
They have now managed to reduce the solar panels to the size of coins.
They have achieved results by using a normal 3D printer suitable for solar ink.
\"Very cheap.
\"It looks and works in a very different way than conventional silicon roof solar,\" Scholes continued . \".
\"It can be translucent-we can use it for coloring window scenes.
\"The team is now working on a spray --Paint.
The big impact on the future is that once they simplify the process of using plastic for solar panels, it\'s no big deal to power the entire skyscraper.
\"We printed them on plastic in the same way as printing plastic banknotes,\" Scholes added . \".
\"Connecting our solar panels is as simple as connecting a battery.
\"As their dreams get closer and closer, the company is beginning to show interest in further developing the technology.
\"We want to improve the efficiency of solar panels --
\"We need to develop solar ink to generate more energy from the sun . . . . . . We are confident to push this technology further in the next few years . \".
She told Mashable that the potential for alternative uses is endless.
\"They may be used in a range of applications such as consumer packaging, window and window furniture, temporary structures, remote areas and development communities.
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