couple\'s solar-powered home aims to challenge manitoba hydro

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Near rosondale-
This is not a difficult choice for Will and Bev Eert.
Pay Manitoba Hydro for more than $60,000 to extend the power services to their new home in the Assiniboine Valley or pay about $30,000 for solar energy.
Two years later, the retired couple is about eight months away from moving into the lumber factory.
They are mainly frame houses designed and built by themselves located southwest of Portage la Prairie.
When they do, it will be powered entirely by two arrays of the sun and 24 solar panels outside their front lawn.
They face south and capture the most sun in an angle. They produce 4. 4 kilowatts (kW)
About 24 KW hours.
When the new house is finished, Eerts only use about five temporary houses, studios and workshops where they live.
The wood stove in the new House will provide extra heat on cold days if needed, but Bev and will plan to do most of the cooking on the electric stove, A set of batteries charged by the sun.
Their new kitchen will also come with a dishwasher and they plan to install a washer and dryer.
\"It\'s a little interesting to make your own strength,\" Will said . \" He and Bev led a pair of tourists to visit the new house.
The couple who moved here from BC used solar energy for several reasons: reducing their carbon footprint; to be self-
Sufficient without sacrificing comfort;
Telling Manitoba Hydro and the Selinger government that the construction of large hydropower stations and transmission lines is not a solution to the problem
This is all about meeting the growing energy needs of the province.
States like Minnesota and Germany are already doing this, but Manitoba Hydro says there is not enough sunlight in winter to make solar energy an effective alternative to Hydro
And the proposed Keeyask and Conawapa power stations.
Hydro made clear its position at the ongoing public utilities commission hearing, which is reviewing the need for the dam.
The 13-year-old married couple said one reason they moved to the province was that southern Manitoba was sunny compared to the rest of Canada.
With so much sunlight, they say, the excess power generated by the black solar panels outside will be \"dumped\" into the radiant floor of the new home for heating.
The house was partly built on one side of a hill.
Insulation with R30 value.
Its large windows are also facing the south, taking advantage of the daytime time, overlooking the wooded cliffs of the ashineboine River and Hird apartments.
\"The house is designed to be passive solar, so it\'s usually 20 degrees here, so it doesn\'t need much heat for the house,\" said Bev . \".
She\'s an architect, designing energy.
Efficient wood
In B. C.
Eerts acknowledges that they are exceptions to typical homeowners who are used to relatively low utility bills and are not interested in their power and nature --Gas consumption.
\"We are environmental activists,\" said Bev . \"
\"This is our dream.
We did this to make ourselves completely independent.
Enough way of life that anyone wants to live.
It\'s more of a demo project for me.
To a large extent, Manitoba has not found huge solar energy resources.
\"This is the right thing to do,\" Will, a former pulp and paper mill worker, added . \".
\"In the past three or four years, solar energy has become better and better, which is incredible.
People don\'t need to know anything if they want to have solar power and save electricity.
\"In fact, they don\'t even need solar panels.
They can enter a community.
Own a solar garden, just like what happened near Minni aborith
Based on the solar developers proposed
Covering an area of 4,000 acres, it can generate a maximum power flow of 1 MW, enough to power 140 typical homes.
In Minnesota, under the Minnesota Solar Challenge program approved last year, independent companies and groups may set up solar panel arrays and then sell electricity to local customers.
In 2013, Minnesota installed six megawatts of solar power, ranking 25 in the country.
Recently, the National Public Utilities Commission has established a utility calculation method for calculating
Roof solar system more and more.
In Manitoba, Hydro only provides loans to people who wish to install solar waterheating system.
Crown Utilities said the widespread use of solar power is not practical compared to hydropower.
Manitoba Hydro does support the installation of 12 units. 7-
January 2003 kW solar wall in downtown campus of Honghe College.
In a written briefing to the bar on emerging energy technologies, it does say that the potential for solar energy development in southern Manitoba is good --even in winter.
\"The southern regions of Alberta, SA and Manitoba have the best solar energy resources in Canada,\" it said . \".
\"Cities such as Brandon or Winnipeg, located within a good solar resource range, can have photovoltaic farms near their urban load centers.
The potential of solar photovoltaic roofs in Winnipeg is estimated to exceed 3,000 MW.
\"This is equivalent to about two Conawapas.
West of Winnipeg, nestled on a hill overlooking Assiniboine, the Ayers family already know this.
They know that the sun over Twin Cities is the same as the sun ahead of them --
Solar panels in yard
It may be a little less intense in some winter, but just a little bit.
\"If Hydro just takes off the eye mask and says \'we can work with the sun, \'it could be a big advantage for them,\" Will said . \".
\"For the greenhouse, the sun will always shine --
Gas emissions are much more friendly than dams. \"bruce. owen@freepress. mb.
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