easy to carry, effective solar-powered insect trapper

by:Tunto     2020-04-27
Pest management is one of the main expenses that can be drilled in farmers\' pockets.
From sowing to harvesting and selling crops, pests need to be managed effectively and economically without affecting the fragile economic conditions of farmers.
A solar insect trap developed by an entrepreneur.
Abdul Kadar from puduchari seems to have made a commitment to both.
The price is not high (Rs. 2,625 a piece)
Secondly, it has proved popular among farmers in Tamil Nadu.
Led technology \"using light traps to reduce and control the number of pests is an ancient practice in China.
Although there are several models and designs, I would like to develop something that can be solar
Not dependent on fuel or electricity.
The result is that Led technology can be illuminated with low UV light to attract flying insects on crops . \"Abdul.
The device works automatically and turns on the light at dusk (6:00 – 7:00 PM)
And use the microprocessor chip to turn it off five hours before midnight.
According to Mr. , most of the damage caused by insects was only active during that time.
Abdul added, \"it avoids catching beneficial insects in the wild.
\"Installing a light trap on an acre of land attracts at least 10 adult pests per day.
The equipment has been tested in different crop fields such as rice, sugar cane, vegetables, mango, pomegranate, guava, coconut, tea, coffee and Jasmine in Tamil Nadu. Mr. C. M.
Pillay, from the Tamil Nadu bunchianu-villauram district, said, \"I have been testing this device in my field for the past two months, and was able to note that good control has been done for white flies, hoppers, borer insects and leaf clip insects
\"Controlling different pesttr traps is capable of controlling flying insects, nymphs, adults with leaf clips, borer moth, fruit bor worm, Moth, hop worm, aphids worm, fruit elephant nose worm and different crop beetle, etc. .
The improved solar trap conducted field tests on various vegetable crops in the village of Sevaiyur, Sivaganga district for about 3 consecutive months, with good results.
This device seems promising for farmers as it has captured many adults sucking pests, bor insects and flies, thus reducing their dependence on biopesticide use to 50.
\"We have started discussions with\" university of coamalai and Coimbatore, Agricultural University of Tamil Nadu, to test the device in experimental fields for two crop seasons.
We have not received a mid-term test report from this experiment . \"
Attracting Adult insects to use fire to manage insect populations has always been a traditional practice in the community.
However, this practice has not been implemented recently due to excessive reliance on chemical methods for pest management.
\"It\'s probably the greenest.
As a light source for catching insects, it is the sun that is friendly.
Therefore, as a cost-effective and environment-friendly technology, solar light traps need to be vigorously promoted, \"said Dr.
Regional project director, Agricultural Research Council of India, McGrath Dixit (ICAR)
Hebbal in Bengaluru
The solar trap adds the advantage of little or no maintenance, ease of carrying and installation.
It only needs a good sales and after-sales networksales service.
In view of the current emphasis
Chemistry and environment
Solar traps are friendly options for managing crop pests and can be called appropriate technologies.
Encouraging demand requires encouraging small entrepreneurs to introduce cost-effective and innovative solar trap models.
This will also expand access to agriculture.
Business and agricultural services have increased employment opportunities.
The demo of the product has uploaded more details, and interested farmers can contact Mr.
Abdul Kadhar, sustainable farming system, Email: sustainable agriculture. orgmm@gmail.
Com, tel: 0413-2271915, Mob: 0948 591915, URL:> www. safsorganic.
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