everything you need to know about renewable energy for the home (green energy)

by:Tunto     2020-01-21
Renewable energy in your home, also known as alternative energy, can take many forms.
Solar energy is a renewable green energy source.
We \'ve all seen solar panels sitting on the roof, quietly capturing clean solar energy for heating your house or powering your lights and appliances.
Let\'s see how it all works.
In short, the sun shines on solar panels made up of many photovoltaic cells.
They do not need to enter the assembly or composition of these batteries to convert electricity directly from the sun.
These batteries are connected together and assembled into solar panels to produce renewable green energy.
Now that you have solar panels, you can do something at this point to deal with the power it generates.
You can connect your system to the energy grid ,(
If you are planning to take this route, please consult a trained certified electrician)
Or you can completely get out of the grid and store the power with the battery.
The main problem with this is that the batteries take up a lot of space and they also need to be maintained regularly and are very expensive.
Another problem is that solar panels generate DC or DC current and your house is running under AC or AC.
Fortunately, there is a device called an inverter that can absorb the direct current generated by solar panels and convert it into the form of available power supplies for lamps and appliances.
Some PV modules actually have inverters built in.
Wind energy is another form of renewable energy.
You can build your own wind turbine or install a wind turbine to capture renewable green energy from wind energy.
Wind turbines work by utilizing the kinetic energy of the wind.
Rotate the rotating shaft of the blade, then rotate the generator.
Many factors will determine which renewable energy you choose to use is right for you.
Depending on where you live and how much property you have, solar or wind power solutions are for you.
Solar panels don\'t take up much space, but wind turbines can take a lot of space and cooperation from neighbors who may think it\'s a thorn in the eye.
One drawback of most renewable green energy solutions is the cost.
While advances in technology and manufacturing have reduced costs in recent years, the return time for solar and wind energy may be quite long, and of course, some issues need to be considered when considering green energy plans.
But we all have to work to protect the small amount of natural resources that we have left on our planet, and I believe most people want to do something, but as I have already mentioned, we seem to always be in the hands of the company, these companies hop on the bandwagon for commercial killing! !
Why is the solar panel made of such expensive silicon, it\'s basically sand! ! !
We walk on these things every day, but if you or anyone you know has basic DIY skills, you can save yourself a lot of money while helping save our planet,
More information is coming soon.
Thank you very much for reading, Barry.
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